Tuesday, December 6, 2011


One thing about December for me is it always passes so quickly.
I love that I was able to stay on the farm all day, it definitely makes it easier to juice when my schedule isn't so full or varied.
For those of you who don't like wheatgrass, try mixing it with grapefruit juice and sparkling water!
Also green supplement powder can be mixed easily into lots of juice.
The Happy Herbalist is a great resource for Kombucha and more... Check him out on line!
remember to get plenty of fresh air and exercise and surround your self with positive music, books and conversations especially when you are juicing and your heart is so open and receptive!
Be kind to yourself andothers. SLOW down and enjoy every moment!
I am so grateful for juice and YOU!


December continues...

How are you feeling?
I notice how much better I feel when I juice. When I find myself hungry I
Make another juice and or have a glass of water. My favorite quick drink is homemade
Kombucha with vita mineral green powder added. I always experience a pick me up in
Energy and any hunger subsides.
Wheatgrass continues to be a magical addition to my diet, even though many days
I resist it.
if you have any gum issues it is a wonderful and healing mouth wash, just swish for several minutes and then spit out.
Thank you all for sharing with me.

I love you

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Good Evening,

Had a great early start to my day on the farm before heading to San Francisco to lead our Community Building workshop.
Started with hot lemon water and then tea, lots of water and green juice and then a salad for lunch. Just felt like I needed more energy and hadn't planned well enough ahead. continued to have lots of water and actually felt great the remainder of the day.

I have green juice set up for tomorrow, Yeah!

I am grateful for this on line community. Thank you for being here.

Love, Terces

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day ONE December

Yeah, Many of you may know that our Mission is under attack! however we are still here playing full out!
JUICING is a way to stay clear,present, empowered and alive!
this afternoon our calf was born, we are naming him UNO, born on the first of December!
I am grateful for each of you and thank you for making your lives about staying healthy and being loving!
Look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

Love, Terces

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Hope you check this blog. Thank you for another month of juicing together.
I am so grateful for you all.
Remember to keep on consuming lots of juice and water and take good care of yourself.
Ill be here next month and look forward to meeting you again.
Love. Terces

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Aloha. I am back!

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not being in touch via the blog yet in November. We arrived back from leading our community building workshop on the 2nd and then it was hit the ground running. This is a time of change and boy are things changing FAST around here!
I promised I would share a typical day of JUICING, so here goes.

First thing in the morning while I am starting the farm crew breakfast (after feeding the chickens and opening up all he coops and pens) I make either hot water with fresh lemon for Matthew and myself, or plum paste "tea" with hot water (a super alkalizing hot drink).

Then it is kale, celery and cucumber juice, although when cucumbers price goes through the roof I usually put in an apple! I also like grapefruit with wheatgrass juice (and a frozen version is available at most health stores).

Then I sometimes have tea sitting around the fire while the crew eats and we all "clear" together.

A few hours later I will have either another green drink sometimes with added avocado, or perhaps some nut milk (almond) with cinnamon and a banana ( if I am having "sweet" drinks, or citrus (my favorite is grapefruit in the winter), I also add sprouts and blend it together.

i am of course, drinking lots of cold or warm water in between juices.

I feed the lunch crew and may have a hot cider (from fresh apples) or carrot with ginger juice, or homemade kombucha with a couple teaspoons vitamineral green powder.

more water and often wheat grass juice, a few hours after lunch

Then in the evening another green drink or tea with chlorella tablets!

Sweet Dreams.

Love you all, keep up the great work of caring so deeply for yourselves and one another.


Friday, October 7, 2011


Congratulations on arriving to DAY SEVEN. Celebrate however you got here!
No matter what your experience was you are a champion for just taking on your health.
Some of you may want to keep going, juicing mostly and slowly adding in good wholesome food, Others may be ready to bite down on some solid food as soon as possible. Listen to your body and take it easy. Start with fresh veggies, salads and fruits.
Chew, Chew, Chew.... breathe, breathe, breathe.....
Acknowledge yourself and your commitment to your body!
Thank you for being there for me!
I head to Los Angeles this afternoon for Leaders Causing Leaders, where we are both speaking over the weekend.
Then back to the farm on Sunday evening and into San Francisco for our Monday meetings.
I am still appreciating the clarity from JUICING and the energy as well.
Have a great month, see you in November, right here!
Love. Terces

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Good Morning,

I don't know about you but yesterday was a turning point for me. I felt the old "energy" and "clarity" that calls me to on going juicing. I also was inspired and lighter in my heart as well.
I juiced watermelon, jalapeno pepper and lemon. It was cooling and warming and wonderful for the rainy day we had here on the farm.
Volunteers helped collect the most butternut squash I have ever seen! They were having fun and learning about farming from the working on a farm perspective.
WE are at the end of our cucumbers and I am getting ready to go juice some for a great alkalizing drink.
I also enjoy fresh juiced tomatoes, hot pepper and carrot with celery for a wonderful version of a "bloody mary mix" cocktail (without the alcohol, of course!)
Thank you for calling me back into the full experience of juicing, I am so grateful for the community that keeps me going.
Love you all.
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cool October

The sunny hot days are gone, tonight it is cool and windy and today we had rain!
While I appreciate the moisture and so does the dry earth, I have to remember to wipe off my dogs feet before they jump up onto the bed, its MUD SEASON!
I feel good, healthier and while there are lots of pressures facing us right now from the outside, there is more peace internally when I am juicing.
Right now we have lots of watermelons and I love to juice the fruit and peel, I add a little lemon and chili for a cooling drink.
Apples are ripening now and I will start juicing them along with collards and kale.
I still start my day with hot water and some plum paste, a alkalizing beginning of each day.
Wheat grass is my standard morning and midday pick me up, even if I use it to swish only, it is so good for mouth health.
Keep sharing with me as well, your wisdom, inspiration and encouragement support me as well.
Thanks for making health a priority.
Love. Terces

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is it really OCTOBER!

I am back!
I have had or created for myself, however you see it, some of the most challenging months of my life! I am SO GRATEFUL to be clearing out with a full JUICE week! for several months now I have cut my JUICE week short, due to travel or schedule, and I AM SO READY FOR THIS WEEK ITH ALL OF YOU!
I actually started early as again I am traveling but this time I did not let that STOP me.

I am aware of how much louder my self diminishing mind gets when I don't JUICE on a regular monthly schedule, like I said I would. I can also feel the impact of partially juicing on my physical health, so I FEEL SO GOOD to be joining you this month!
Thanks to all of you who keep the group, even though we are only connected online, and in the BIG INE energy sense, for keeping us all together! if I am also"speaking tooters who quit or got discouraged, come on back and simply start again!

I bought a new juicer, as I am being challenged to keep enough juice here on the farm for juicing,it is a Breville Juice Fountain, 850 RPM motor and easy to clean. Do what you need todo to set yourself up!

I am thrilled to be reaching out to each one of you!

love, T

Friday, September 2, 2011


I have NO IDEA where the summer went but we are off to Vinalhaven for our annual visit with Matthew's parents who summer there! Is it really September? I have a birthday on the 9th and am thinking about my health and how great I feel.
I fasted a day early this month as I needed to for some lab tests for my insurance application and when they took my blood pressure they said, "you have the blood pressure of a teenager!" I have always known it was low but seems to be staying there as I age as well.

Remember to drink lots of fresh water.
Again I share some things that I do regularly for my health and you are open to try them or not.
I add Vitamineral green to juices and kombucha. I take Chlorella throughout the day and ALWAYS travel with it. I also have wheatgrass or wheatgrass juice daily. I am not into just chewing it (like a cow) and then throwing it out when there is not more juice in the fiber! Don't need to worry about purchasing a wheat grass juicer that way!

Hot water and plum paste or lemon is a great way to start the day alkalizing your system and it tastes good too!

Green juice with some hot chili and avocado is a wonderful "meal".

I fly all night tonight and travel a good bit of tomorrow so won't check in again until day four, so take good care of yourselves, know that what you are doing is GOOD FOR YOU!

Here is a link to a wonderful program a dear friend of mine has put together with lots of free informational videos on cleansing. I HIGHLY recommend it to you all.


Love you,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mid week August


I am traveling tomorrow so want to check in with you all now. We are heading to Kansas City to lead our Community Building Workshop! We are also going to visit a few farms of friends while there before the workshop starts.
I was thinking this morning as I made our plum paste tea, that I haven't shared that with you yet. We take a small amount of plum paste (you can find it in the Asian food section of your grocer) and add warm to hot water for an ALKALINE drink in the morning. It is the MOST alkaline food there is!
Also a great website for juicing is juicefeasting.com there are so many resources to support your juicing/cleansing.
Are you remembering to practice affirming your amazing self while juicing? You are loved, you are adored, you are deeply appreciated and I am proud of you too.
Have fun.
Love. Terces

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Days of August

Hi Everyone,

Don't really know how many of you are still doing the week long JUICE each month but grateful for however many of you are out there. I so appreciate the partnership.
No matter where you are, and I know some new folks have joined us BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!
Drink lots of water, I suggest some wheatgrass, even if you mix it with apple juice for starters.
Green juice with kale, celery, cucumber and some lemon is my favorite.
I also enjoy lemonade in the hot months of summer, I blend it with ice and make a slushy on the hottest of days, adding some Vitamineral Green as well.
I enjoy kombucha with Vitamineral Green too.
Right now blackberries are in full season and those blended with sparkling water is a great refresher. But most important is to do what works for your body best. What you want is a break from digestion and some detox from toxins built up over time.
I know most folks don't talk about these things but wheatgrass and coffee are wonderful enemas for a deeper cleansing experience and a liver and intestinal cleanse. If you want to know more, ask me!
What do you love about yourself?

Love. Terces

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FINAL days of JULY

Hi Everyone,

I apologize not not writing much this month, first time for me, and while I have been super busy I have also missed our connection. I am going to JUICE another week as my body just wasn't in sync with it this week. I am so inspired by all of you and grateful for the time we share and the stories that connect us all.
I still drink JUICE throughout the day and also kombucha (yes I make my own with Rooibos) and love it mixed with Vitamineral Green! You can order new SCOBY from Happy Herbalist on line and it comes with amazing information booklet with all you would ever want to know about fermented foods too!
The farm is in full force right now, and the weather is HOT! Lots to keep us busy and growing.
Love you all,

Sunday, July 3, 2011

First few days of July

Happy Independence Day!

What new freedom are you celebrating?
I am thrilled to be celebrating being complete with the father of my youngest son. What I mean by that is I have finally said all I wanted to say (for over 20 years now) and all I am left with is respect, admiration and love for him and the difference he made in my life.
I apologize for not writing the first two days, I simply was struggling with getting myself in alignment for JUICING this month. I had been working on my health and well being and just returned from Mexico, where we went to visit the families of some of our employees, as well as to take a child (17 years old) of one of our farm members to meet her grandparents in Mexico for the first time. It was a special and moving trip, so much transformation is cross
How are you treating yourself this month?
What phase of cleansing are you in?
I would love to hear from you.
Have a great holiday Monday and know you are loved.
love. Terces

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One last note...

I wanted to share with you all a great juice.
Mix Vitaqmineral green, 1 teaspoon with some kombucha (I make mine with Rooibos), and stir. It is a wonderful summer drink filled with good stuff for your body!
Love you all.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Well, here we are on the last day of Juicing this month! Seems like the week went by quickly.
I want to share something with you that occurs almost as a miracle to me, and I do understand that folks don't always share this honestly.
Here goes.
I have often heard of wheat grass enemas and implants, but other than one or two other times, years ago the idea or benefits of them had slipped my mind. Then this month I just wasn't feeling that great. Actually since I returned from Italy. I have had the thought that breaking my JUICING week in Rome wasn't perhaps the best for my body! Other thoughts of aging, feeling discouraged, etc seemed to grad a hold more tightly to my attention. I wasn't able to brush them off. I was also struggling with hemorrhoids and they too seemed to be more persistent and painful.
I am not sure where the thought came from, but there it was. Try a wheat grass implant. Now, I wasn't sure I understood what that exactly was so I went to my computer and looked it up.
There it was, with simple instructions on how to give myself one.
So I did.
WOW, I am amazed at how I feel. This is the third morning of doing one and almost all my symptoms are gone! I feel energized, clearer, happier, more focused and out of pain.
So, I am sharing this as I highly recommend it. It is pretty simple to do and painless too.
If you need instructions, let me know, but really the good old internet is pretty helpful on this one.
That said, what was your experience this month?
How can I support you even more?
Have a great month, the sun is shinning today and that warms my soul.

Love. Terces

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hi There,

Well how are you doing? What are your challenges and triumphants?
Here is one of mine, a big one for me, that may seem surprising to you.
Just yesterday, late in the day, when I was still not feeling that great and I started to get a bit of heart burn, I had the realization that my body needed some sprouts. I went into the kitchen and put a handful in a bowl and eat them, with a bit of lemon juice on them as well. Shortly after I felt much better and realized that I RARELY see food as my ally! Mostly for most of my life I have manipulated by body in some way with food. It might be counting calories(when I was younger), treats for something, to get me to do something I wasn't really thrilled about(oh sure I'll go do that and then stop for something or get something in that same direction along the way)... you get the idea. WOW what a wake up it was, to really start to see food as my ally, as on my side, the side of health and well being. I am still working through the insight and it is deep and powerful and still new. So I'll share as more reveals itself.
How about you?
Rained all day, a fluke for California this time of year!
Went for a foot massage... so amazing and relaxing and a great get away in the rain.
Remember to drink plenty of water and oh yes, a great "tea" is the plum paste Umeboshi with a little warm water, It is the most alkalizing food there is. A little bit goes a long way, it is HIGHLY concentrated. Available in most health food store, and also where Japanese specialty items are sold.
Love. Terces

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Good Morning,
Was so wonderful going to Jeffrey and Carrye's wedding yesterday and seeing the young people we have mentored over the years choose marriage. It was also so great to meet their parents and see the community that has gathered around them.
They also had some delicious homemade Gingerale that was the perfect fit for how I was feeling.
I did have some salad and later in the day a couple cherries that are just ripening on our trees and I feel good.
This morning Green Juice with a touch of fresh grapefruit juice and later a fresh strawberry smoothie.
How are you doing.
I did an intestinal cleanse recently so am being careful not to under nourish myself, sometimes my tendency when juicing.
Today I am going to have a green juice with Avocado added for some more substance as well.
How are you feeling?
How are you going to nourish yourself today, in some special way?
Love you all.
Thanks for being here... and if you read into yesterdays post that it wasn't ok to Juice some months and not others, I apologize, I simply wanted to make sure that those on the list were experiencing the benefits of the communication, support and community.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Good Morning,

Welcome to June, While it is raining today, unprecedented at this time of year, I feel bright inside as we begin this week of JUICING together.
I actually started a couple days ago as I was having some problems with my digestion and elimination, so JUICING was my choice.
I have been thinking about how many of us are signed up for the JUICE CLUB and yet not everyone is opening their emails and participating so here is my request.

I was thinking this month it would be great for those of us who wish to continue on to RECOMMIT!
I know that old commitments for me, go stale over time. I simply am not as present as I once was to my commitment, to what had me sign up in the first place.
Juicing is one of those things in my life that I experience the benefit of, only when I am FULLY COMMITTED. Half way, simply doesn't work. That said, I am COMMITTED that
our JUICE CLUB is a powerful UNIT that is supporting one another, and couldn't help but notice that while there are 1800 people signed up, only around 500 opened the emails last month. My request is, take a moment, really look and see, are you up for JUICING one week each month and if so STAY SIGNED UP, if NOT then DELETE YOUR NAME from the list, that way there is more clarity out there in the universe about WHAT WE ARE ALL UP TO!
I am here for you and am so up for you being here for you too!
I love you.

Thank you for accepting my request, I am looking forward to seeing your name on the email and KNOWING that you are FULLY COMMITTED to participating.
Any suggestions and ideas are always welcome, this is YOUR JUICE CLUB!

Love. Terces

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Days of May

Thanks to everyone for a great week.
I am in Rome, Italy and was not able to post the last couple of days. I am so grateful for juicing, I feel well set up to start eating and to appreciate my food AND take it easy.
I feel good and empowered. I so love the balance I feel in my life and diet in this time.
There is something magical in the consistency of juicing monthly for me, how about you?

Feed yourself well, like you are caring for someone you love and admire!

I love you, meet you here in June!

P.S. Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing mothers

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Good Morning,

Yesterday, Day Three, was a bit of a struggle for me. I felt tired and a bit irritable! Drank plenty of juice, my favorite is green juice (kale, celery, lemon and cucumber with avocado and jalapeno blended). It feels like a real "meal substitute" to me.
Was able to swim with my granddaughters and get a bit of sunshine which always feeds my soul.
I also mowed the area around the pool, earlier in the day and it felt so good. What are you doing for exercise? I also do a half hour of yoga each night before bed, even when my mind is telling me "it is okay not to do it tonight!' Just where does that little voice come from?
This morning, Day Four, I had a half packet of Gano Excel ( it is a Rishi mushroom and coffee beverage), followed by a green juice with some Power Up added. I suspect I simply wanted to have more energy and hopefully not feel the "sludge" of yesterday. So far, so good, although I would say that the tickle of allergies is present! It is that time of year.
I love mint water, especially when I have so much fresh mint and it is getting warmer.
Roses are in full bloom and gorgeous.
Are you preparing to celebrate your Mother or any other Mothers who are special to you?
Loving you all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Good Morning,

Awoke early and bright eyed! I love the experience of looking in the mirror throughout the day and being surprised by how great I look... an experience I often have during the week of JUICING!
Love adding Power Up to my blends this month! It is a mix of maca and green algae!
Again, noticing how easy and effortless it is to move through my list of projects, just not any resistance or mental interruptions when JUICING! Not sure why but I enjoy the ease.
Others on the farm are experiencing allergic symptoms and yet I don't yet, maybe the JUICING is helping there too.
We were in the city all day yesterday and dealing with opening of Harrison(our first location of Cafe Gratitude) that just went through some repairs and remodeling. It looks SO GOOD, so fresh, so cleaned out, a bit more "pubish" to my eyes, go by and eat and see the new look! They will also be offering our full new menu now! Yipee!
We are planting corn on the farm today and I am starting to prepare for being in Italy for a week starting this Saturday.
How are you taking care of yourself today, treating yourself, loving yourself?
Off to feed sprouts to my chickens!
Remember lots of fresh water and plenty of JUICE!
Love you all.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Welcome to May!
The sun is out and I am thrilled to be juicing with you.
We were in LA this weekend leading Abounding River workshop and looking at a second possible location for an LA Cafe Gratitude! Seems a bit wild and crazy and we are happy to be expanding the community down there already. Our partners are THE BEST and we had so much fun dreaming up our future together!
We had dinner with Michael Beckwith from Agape Church, Jyoti, from the Center for Sacred Studies and Grandmother Agnus from the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers Council! Cafe Gratitude is certainly the place to be if you are up to something these days. 'The workshop was fabulous and I love who is gathering around our work.
I have been looking forward to JUICING this month, SO MUCH. We leave for Rome to attend a wedding on the 7th, so looks like I will be breaking my fast in Italy!
I started with lots of GREEN JUICE (from Whole Foods in LA) and added some Kombucha as refreshment throughout the day of the workshop. Nicole, our hostess in LA treated me to a BIG GREEN juice in the afternoon and I never felt hungry.
What I have noticed is it is better to NOT EAT ANYTHING (no sneaking a bite here or there) especially on the first few days to really put my body on notice that I am JUICING ONLY. Then it gets easier as my energy levels rise and my commitment to feeling clear, empowered and good kick in.
I am so grateful for each one of you and thank you for taking on your health with me.
Have a fabulous Day Two and I will share with you later tonight once again.
Love you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Seven April


It just finished hailing, thundering and lightning on the farm. We are hoping the cherry blossoms weren't damaged! While beautiful a bit surprising too.
I started the day with juice and added some steamed greens and sprouts at lunch, just too cold, and feeling a bit weak. Felt ready to add in a bit of food.
Tonight is Bikram and I am ready. While we did yoga daily in Hawaii I am ready for the deep warming of the hot yoga.
I am also still taking chlorella and also some antioxidants as well.
I am so happy to be home and getting ready for Spring, which we thought was here until the cold and rain of today hit.
I am going to add in one day of JUICING a week this month, so I invite anyone who wants to join me to take it on as well.
I am in love with all the Lilacs that are in bloom and can feel my heart opening when I stand among the bushes and B R E A T H in their sweet scent.
Happy Spring, Thanks for taking on your health.
I am so grateful for you.
What are you grateful for?
Love, Terces

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Six


We just returned to the farm from arriving back into San Francisco tonight around 8pm. I am SO HAPPY to be home to the land of green juice and our community here.
Thank you for your patience with the blog issues, and Marta thank you for adding my blog entries to the daily emails. I am so grateful for your support, especially when off the grid with little or no internet access.
Our workshop was amazing and I am looking forward to my farm life schedule for a few days.
My body is ready to wake up early and open up my chicken coops and walk the land.
Green juice is in the frig waiting for me.
Sweet Dreams, keep your attention on how wonderful your life is.
Love, Terces

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day FIVE April

Looking forward to today, awoke to sunshine and wrapping up our time in Maui with a visit to Aya and Anis' new he on the other side of the island.
Anis is working on an Abounding Rivet project and we are excited to see it!
I am ready for some California green juice and time for Spring planting.
I have let go of pushing myself just to keep up and am taking on honoring myself in new ways, like listening to my passionate inner voice.
Love you

Day Four April


I am feeling good and appreciating a more restful day! The workshop is over and now we will share some time with family here before heading home on Wednesday morning.
Had my coconut milk, lime and Ginger smoothie this morning. So delicious!
Today I am practicing peace of mind, and really appreciating the quiet.
I apologize that these are not being posted on the blog, we are still working on it.
Love you
Keep loving yourself.

Day Three April

New experience at lunch today! I took salad greens, some curried veggies and jackfruit salsa and blended it into a soup/thick juice and drank it. Living every sip!
The workshop Is fabulous!
Do you know just how worthy you are?
I love you

Day Two Aloha


So grateful you are here with me.
I am so happy to be juicing, I feel clean and clear although I was up most of the night in ceremony and am a bit tired. Still grateful to be juicing.
Of course there is amazing coconut milk here with fresh Ginger, my favorite! As well as fresh Papaya for smoothies!
This blog hasn't been working and is being looked at, so you may see several posted at once!

Day One April 2011

I am in Maui leading our new workshop on Community. At first I was resisting the juice club this month feeling like the timing just wasn't right but now on the first I feel totally inspired and looking forward to juicing for the week with you!
I believe just letting myself feel my resistance was helpful.
I will share from here and thank you all for joining me from wherever you are.
Welcome and love

Monday, March 7, 2011


Well this wasn't my "normal" week of juicing, just too much going on.... not an excuse, just my experience! This month has certainly been juice plus some veggies and fruits! However while the week is winding down, I am going to keep going and also add into my monthly program ONE DAY A WEEK, so now my year is ONE WEEK A MONTH and ONE DAY A WEEK! Just feels right to me.
I invite you all to join me if you are so called, check in with your intuition and see what you feel.
I thank you all for your participation and for "holding space for me this month", I could feel each of you and was filled with gratitude.
I invite all of you in Southern California to go by and see the newest Cafe Gratitude, it is AMAZING!
I am happy that we are through the crunch of the first few days open and looking forward to the ongoing development of the community there.
While it rained all day yesterday this morning I awoke to WIND and clear skies!
Grandchildren are back on the farm and the chickens are drying out a bit.
Green juice tasted so delicious this morning, even though it is still cold outside.
We head to the city today for meetings and I am present to my blessed life.
What are you present to?
Love, Terces

Sunday, March 6, 2011

DAY Six March

Good Evening,

A rainy day here on the farm today. I enjoyed it as the day was a but quieter than usual and there is still so much going on with the opening of the LA Cafe that I really didn't want to put my attention anywhere else! They are doing a stunning job given how incredibly busy they are.
Had a peach smoothie today made from our own frozen peaches from last years crop, it was SO DELICIOUS!
We are off to the city tomorrow and I am looking forward to wheatgrass!
Remember that it isn't how you do the Juice week, it is that you do it...... however that looks.
Start ...... somewhere.
Love and appreciation,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Days THREE, FOUR and FIVE of March

WOW where to start, I am back... in lots of ways, To juicing, to the farm from Los Angeles, to reality... we were in LA for a few days to support the opening of the Cafe there. WELL, it was an amazing opening and we are so busy we are needing to create a new plan. We have never opened a new cafe serving this many people this quickly. YIKES, so much to take responsibility for, so much to learn and so much to trust! We are going to send down some more veterans of our company to support the new employees there. I was SO BUSY yesterday with the third day of business and then the Grand opening party that I hardly drank anything all day. I did have a green juice and tea in the morning and then water, water, water... all through the most amazing Grand Opening event ever! Jason Mraz sang, along with the Makepeace Brothers and Jessie Payo, and Matt and Avesa Love.... see video on my FB page... and then had some Jicama late at night when I was finally able to slow down and relax a bit. There were over 500 people there to welcome Cafe Gratitude into Los Angeles. So thank you all for being such a demand for gratitude.
What are you grateful for?
Today I returned to the farm, flying in first thing this morning, feeling like I had been up all night!
Had some grapefruit juice and took a nap mid day... what a treat. Just finished a warm cup of hot chocolate .. and am catching up on all my emails and this blog too.
Thank all of you for keeping on with the JUICE while I was away and I am so happy to be rejoining you.
LOVe, Love, Love,

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am in LA and the new Cafe Gratitude here had a wonderful first day! So much enthusiasm from all of the first day customers. The restaurant is beautiful and the food FABULOUS... well how would I know, because I ended up tasting some of it! While I did juice I also tasted the new spinach salad and the coconut "bacon" sandwich and then we went to dinner with our partners and I had some beet salad.... so all in all, I pretty much stuck with veggies and it certainly wasn' t an all juice day.... so I encourage all of you to keep on going, I am probably going to be on a similar program today, mostly juice and some food sampling.
I feel great, mostly excited about this newest location and all the new people we are now serving.
I love and appreciate you all.
Love. Terces

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FIRST DAY of March

Hi Everyone,

Once again I am present to how much I look forward, even if resisting on some level, our week of JUICING together. It always comes just about the time I am so ready for it! It isn't that I eat poorly the rest of the month, just that I long for the structure, the clarity, the ease and energy.
How about you? This month we are heading to LA tomorrow morning at 4am for the first day of business (opening softly) at our new Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont Blvd. We are so excited. I feel like a new baby is being born and we are in the final stages of labor!
We are so proud of the boys (our sons) and the crew there, along with our partners.
I am thrilled that it won't be difficult to JUICE as there will be lots of fresh juice available.
Mint is growing on the farm already and I love it in grapefruit juice... also in season.
What are some of your favorite juice combinations?
Hope you had a great first day and I'll be in touch tomorrow from Los Angeles.
I love and appreciate you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day SEVEN February

Hi everyone,
I wish the week wasn't over in so many ways and I am happy to be getting ready for our trip to Los Angeles to see our sons and also the community that is gathering there. We are heading down south for three days to meet the new employees of Cafe Gratitude LA and to begin training them in our model of business. The reason I juiced a week early was to ease the challenge of juicing while traveling and staying at someone's house.
I am grateful for the Chlorella tablets I have been taking and will take with me while I travel as well.
I am also grateful that my community eats healthy food so the breaking of my juice week will go smoothly. Remember to take it easy, keep juicing and start adding in salads, steamed veggies and light meals. I always make the biggest meal of the day midday and have a really light evening meal or only liquids at night.
How do you break your cleanse?
Be sure to continue to treat yourself well, make healthy choices and remind yourself that you are beautiful inside and out!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day SIX February

Hi Everyone,

So happy for the opportunity to simplify my life, JUICING does that for me.
I even find myself wanting to go back to juicing after only a day or so after the week is over, I am already missing the simplicity I experience.
So, that said,
What are you noticing? How does juicing support you in your life?
I am enjoying the time I have with my grandchildren on the farm, we are all learning so much together. Children are precious for sure.
This month I have really enjoyed Grapefruit juice and I make up that is because it is in season and better than ever. We also have an orange tree on the farm and fresh orange juice is so delicious.
Mostly what makes this week so special each month is YOU. Knowing I am not alone, knowing there are others out there going through the same experience... keeps me going.
Remember to exercise as well and be sure to LAUGH too, it is so good for you.
Love. Terces

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Five February

Good Morning,

Well today I simply did not set myself up well and found myself dealing with hunger. Thankfully Marta brought me a coconut for the lunch break at a workshop we were leading. I also had some strawberries and a few olives and sprouts... tasted so good and really did ease my irritability from the hunger. I can see that it is difficult for me to speak up sometimes and ask for what I really need, good lesson to take on. I always find myself being so willing to be flexible, which I appreciate too. It is always a paradox!
I really watched my mind today, part of the power of the workshop. I was able to see how my ego will create dissatisfaction no matter what I choose. So I can use that awarness as a wake up call and practice shifting my attention to some thought that empowers me. Great lesson.
What are you learning?
I so appreciate you all.
Love. Terces

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day FOUR February


Today I noticed I was cold all day, just couldn't seem to get warm. Had some hot veggie broth soup and it helped but still I felt "chilled". Thank goodness for hot tubbies at the end of the day.
What are you experiencing?
I am still so grateful for the practice of juicing/cleansing each month. It is now a regular practice of mine and I look forward to it.
Today I am practicing keeping my attention on all I have to be grateful for. What are you grateful for?
I still love and look forward to the green juice with avocado and green salsa blended in, it is so filling and due to the spice feels so satisfying.
I also love hot tea, to really sip and enjoy a cup in the mid afternoon around the fire.
I love the clarity of such a simple diet.
I am grateful for you.
Love. Terces

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day THREE February

Good Morning,

I am experiencing some hunger, and am increasing my juices. I am still taking Chlorella and E3Live. I am experiencing the peacefulness and calmness of juicing, however notice that I get irritated with other people who are irritated. I would say I am more interested in peace. What are you noticing?
Today I am taking on kindness, being kind to others and myself. what would being kind look like to you?
For me, it is reading, finishing my first loaf of sour dough bread that I have been growing my own starter for for a month now, doing yoga, gardening, listening to my deepest inner voice...
Thank you for taking on your health with me.
I love you,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day TWO February

Good Morning,

I can't believe a year has passed already since we first opened Gracias Madre. We had the anniversary celebration and were awarded Best Restaurant of the Year from Veg News Magazine. Congratulations everyone! What I noticed was since I was juicing I was able to be more present with both my granddaughter, who didn't want to leave my side, and all the people who wanted to say hi and share something with me. I found my thoughts silently saying, "wow look how present I am" or some version of that and noticing that it was the result of JUICING. I love that there are less distractions in my life when I juice for the week.
I also noticed that the food wasn't distracting me, I wasn't hungry and yet could completely appreciate that it was there, looked amazing and many people were enjoying it.
The music was incredible too.
On our ride back to the farm I wasn't as tired as I usually am (late in the evening after a full day on the farm), and I could tell that this being the beginning of the week I was still detoxing.
So, lots of water today and I am actually planning my juices ahead of time....
Love to you all.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day ONE February

Welcome to Day One, while I juiced a week earlier I want to be here to support you this week, so keep an eye on this blog for more of my experience, story and motivation.
While I have been doing this for over 17 months now it is still a "new" experience each month. I look forward to it and still resist sometimes too. Remember to drink plenty of juice and as you go through your week perhaps start drinking more and more alkaline juices, but start wherever you are. It is in the starting that it all happens.
Be forgiving if you fall off and get back up and on the JUICE once again.
Remember hot lemon water in the morning, that really helps me skip coffee or tea!
Also fresh water and plenty of it is important.
I am traveling this week and always travel with some sort of dried or capsuled green food.... fresh juice is not always available so plan ahead if you are away from home.
I would love to hear from you, so share here with us all. Your experience does make a difference for others.
Thank you for taking on your health, I am so grateful for feeling better than ever before.
Love you all.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Completion of Day Seven January

Good Night everyone,

Just returned from the Kings Speech, what a powerful and great movie about friendship.
Thanks for being my friend.
Keep juicing and start with adding in some sprouts, salads and or steamed veggies. I suggest going easy at first, really don't fill yourself, no need to. Your need for food will have decreased and you want to give your digestive system time to ramp up again. You have done a great job of giving your system a break, and cleaning out old toxins. I really recommend that you consider continuing along this path, the regularity of JUICING has so many additional health benefits.
Why not continue? That is a good place to start to look at any habits or patterns that may not be the best for you.
Thanks again, and I look forward to sharing more with you next month.
Happy New Year.
Love. Terces

Day SEVEN January

Now that is full on winter... in Iceland (taken from our plane)!

Good Morning,

Another crip cold winter morning on the farm. Friends are coming to lunch today so the bean pot is already cooking. I had the green juice with avocado and chili for breakfast, as Molly, my daughter got up early and made breakfast for the farm crew... what a treat!
I awoke at 6am and then realized I had a full 45 minutes before I needed to open the chicken coops and fell back into a deep sleep and was SO GRATEFUL for the extra snuggle time! Sleep is also an important part of healing and cleansing.
What would you love to be acknowledged for today? Share with me, I would love to know.
I would love to be acknowledged for balancing my full life. For taking care of all the aspects of my varied lifestyle, mother, wife, grandmother, leader, cook, friend, sister... you get the idea. When I walk around I see so many things that are mine to take on and I simply do the one that is front of me and keep on going to the next....
I am inspired by how full and luscious my life is!
Thank you for being here, have a beautiful winter day.
Love. Terces

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day SIX January

If it is green it is the energy of the sun, and it is SO GOOD for you!

Hi Everyone,

I really don't know how many of us are still juicing together. There are about 1500 signed up but am not sure of where we all are. I'm thinking we will do another invite for next month on our newsletter. I do wish more of you would share your experiences, it makes a difference for me and will for you too.
Tonight was yoga, and it always feels so good. Especially all the heat after a really cold day. Awoken to frozen pipes in the kitchen (it is out of doors, so no real surprise on freezing nights). I encourage all of you to be exercising, it is so helpful in the detoxing phase of cleaning yourself out. Also drink plenty of water.
Kris shared that she is noticing her emotions and their connection to eating and food. Just let those emotions go on by, that is part of the cleansing process. Don't get attached to them, just watch them pass. Overtime you will gain new insights that will be supportive of your healthier lifestyle.
I noticed today that I am simply not that interested in unhealthy foods and drinks. I was sharing with my granddaughter that food that is green (naturally), as we were cutting collards for lunch, is like eating sunlight and our bodies LOVE sunlight and that energy is the best energy there is for us. So eat Green... let the sunshine in!
Love, Terces

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day FIVE January

Me in my new coat from Mollie (my daughter) at Christmas. She owns Kind Kreme in Los Angeles... vegan ice cream shop... YUMMY!

Good Night,

The end of Day Five is here, and I notice that it seems like I could go on forever.... I remember this place from previous months. The routine of juicing has kicked in, food has lost it attraction, I am feeling clean, clear, energetic and happy.
My granddaughter and I had a great day, she was really up for doing the chores with me and I really didn't have to say "no" that often. Lucky me! She spent about an hour helping me pick up pecan nuts that had fallen to the ground and were buried by leaves, that we collect, plant and grow trees from.
I am again experiencing the expansion of time while juicing although not as much as I do in the longer days of summer. I notice I am getting things done, that I have thought about doing for awhile.
I so appreciated the "warmer" winter day today, with no rain.
What are you noticing? How is your juicing experience.
Again I had hot apple juice in the evening around the campfire and loved it!
I am grateful for you and for chlorella!
Until tomorrow... sweet dreams.

Love, T

Day FOUR January

Our source of heat in the winter!

Hi There,

Today, the beginning of Day Five I notice I am starting to feel like "this is just the way it is". There is less interest in other people's food ( I do all the cooking for the farm crew here) and I am settling in to JUICING as a way of life. It is really cold on the farm so lots of cold juices just isn't really appealing, so I add in hot apple and ginger juice, hot herbal teas with citrus, room temp kombucha (which I make) and then I take LOTS of Chlorella ( it is available on our web site www.cafegratitude.com) and E3Live. Find out what works for you and create your program. We have also added in two nights a week of Bikram Yoga which really helps with the "cold to the bones" feeling of winter, mostly living out of doors.
What is working for you?
I am also being challenged right now with our grand daughter, I so don't want to upset her and yet sometimes I just have to say "no", which is not her favorite word. I can see that if I could have it my way I would avoid upsets (and probably do). I just want to reason or talk things through into workability and that isn't always possible with a 4 year old!
What are you seeing, what are you learning, how are you being stretched?
Thanks for being here, I so appreciate all of you sharing, no matter where you are.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day THREE January

Good Morning,

It is really the morning of Day Four, however we had a going away celebration for both of our sons last night, who are leaving today for Los Angeles, to open the first LA Cafe Gratitude. They have been with us (in CG) for years and I am only now beginning to get present to the HUGE contribution they are and how much I will miss them.
WE are thrilled for the LA opening and for all that will come of a Gratitude Community being in Southern California! Here we come!
We returned to the farm late last night and I was SO COLD in the yurt that I couldn't bring myself to blog... so here I am now.
First of all I want to say that along with JUICING, and whatever your program looks like, practice NOT MAKING YOURSELF WRONG... or start AFFIRMING YOURSELF and appreciating who you are. What could you be affirming about yourself today?
I was walking out to open the chicken coops this morning with deep front covering the land and thinking about what a kind woman I am. I starting affirming my commitment to kindness, and immediately my doubts about my own divinity began to melt away like the sunshine warming the frosted ground.
This morning I made a hot cocoa with raw cocoa powder and almond milk and it was so yummy. I also had some steamed kale last night, but realized that I also had a stomach ache on the way home, and don't really recommend that. So today it is back to liquids and JUICE. My favorite is still some green juice with avocado and chili, the spice always feels like I have eaten a delicious meal!
Be gentle, be kind.
Happy New Year.
Love, Terces

Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY TWO January

Our Family at Christmas this year!

Hi Everyone,

Another day with a Jamba Juice stop for wheatgrass and juice. This time I had two of my grandchildren with me and they had juice too. WE were returning from Santa Cruz (where they live) to the farm in Vacaville for an overnight with Grandma and Grandpa. It however is as soggy as can be on the farm and cold too... so we stopped and went to the movies to see Tangled. WOW, what a beautiful transformational film for children and grandmothers (I guess). I loved it so much I didn't want to take them to the bathroom in the middle of it, so we all held it in, until the end.
They are now playing with their cousin upstairs of the barn while I finish my blog.
I am so grateful for all of you.
How are you feeling? Thanks for sharing what your headlines would be... keep sharing, I love hearing what we are all up to.
Get Loud, share about your health and healing, no matter where you are and as someone asked, drink plenty of water and keep on going to get rid of the caffeine (or lack of it) headache.
I love you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day ONE January


What a great way to start the NEW YEAR, caring for YOURSELF!
What is inspiring you to take JUICING on?
I would love to hear....
WE always play this game at the beginning of the year called....
If you were creating the front page of the newspaper, what would your headlines for this year be?
What would your headlines say?
Remember to be creative with juicing.. what are your combinations... today I was driving to Santa Cruz to visit my son and his family... and I stopped at Jamba Juice... where they have WHEATGRASS.. and fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice.. along with all the frozen fruit smoothies (which I don't necessarily recommend.. and they are better than nothing at all).
So find what works and if you are committing to juicing all year, I highly recommend getting yourself a juicer, or getting a group of people together who want to juice and purchasing one together and then juicing for all of you.... make it work, that is my coaching....create your life and juicing in any way that works for you!
Love you all.
Have a sweet day today and everyday.
Love. Terces