Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am in LA and the new Cafe Gratitude here had a wonderful first day! So much enthusiasm from all of the first day customers. The restaurant is beautiful and the food FABULOUS... well how would I know, because I ended up tasting some of it! While I did juice I also tasted the new spinach salad and the coconut "bacon" sandwich and then we went to dinner with our partners and I had some beet salad.... so all in all, I pretty much stuck with veggies and it certainly wasn' t an all juice day.... so I encourage all of you to keep on going, I am probably going to be on a similar program today, mostly juice and some food sampling.
I feel great, mostly excited about this newest location and all the new people we are now serving.
I love and appreciate you all.
Love. Terces

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SunflowerSister1 said...

Juicing has taught me it is OK not to be "perfect." In fact, often "imperfection" is just another part of "perfection." I've always been an "all or none" person; usually it was "none," because the minute I did something "wrong," I quit, vowing I would try "again." "Again," like tomorrow, never comes.

So, this time, I vowed a year ago to start juicing the first week of each month. My life is hectic, I've never had great success with "cleanses." Every month, I followed Terces' blog and did my best.

The intention was there, and I remained gentle and calm if I actually ended up eating something--I just tried to make it raw and healthy; even there, if I "blew it," I just kept right on. Oddly, each month I did a little more, a little "better" even though I was still"failing." And in between each juice feast, my life was clearer; more healthy...more aware.

I've gone from feeling tired all the time to having energy most of the time, feeling happy nearly all the time, and being a "success." I am ecstatic.

Thanks, Terces!