Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is it really OCTOBER!

I am back!
I have had or created for myself, however you see it, some of the most challenging months of my life! I am SO GRATEFUL to be clearing out with a full JUICE week! for several months now I have cut my JUICE week short, due to travel or schedule, and I AM SO READY FOR THIS WEEK ITH ALL OF YOU!
I actually started early as again I am traveling but this time I did not let that STOP me.

I am aware of how much louder my self diminishing mind gets when I don't JUICE on a regular monthly schedule, like I said I would. I can also feel the impact of partially juicing on my physical health, so I FEEL SO GOOD to be joining you this month!
Thanks to all of you who keep the group, even though we are only connected online, and in the BIG INE energy sense, for keeping us all together! if I am also"speaking tooters who quit or got discouraged, come on back and simply start again!

I bought a new juicer, as I am being challenged to keep enough juice here on the farm for juicing,it is a Breville Juice Fountain, 850 RPM motor and easy to clean. Do what you need todo to set yourself up!

I am thrilled to be reaching out to each one of you!

love, T

Friday, September 2, 2011


I have NO IDEA where the summer went but we are off to Vinalhaven for our annual visit with Matthew's parents who summer there! Is it really September? I have a birthday on the 9th and am thinking about my health and how great I feel.
I fasted a day early this month as I needed to for some lab tests for my insurance application and when they took my blood pressure they said, "you have the blood pressure of a teenager!" I have always known it was low but seems to be staying there as I age as well.

Remember to drink lots of fresh water.
Again I share some things that I do regularly for my health and you are open to try them or not.
I add Vitamineral green to juices and kombucha. I take Chlorella throughout the day and ALWAYS travel with it. I also have wheatgrass or wheatgrass juice daily. I am not into just chewing it (like a cow) and then throwing it out when there is not more juice in the fiber! Don't need to worry about purchasing a wheat grass juicer that way!

Hot water and plum paste or lemon is a great way to start the day alkalizing your system and it tastes good too!

Green juice with some hot chili and avocado is a wonderful "meal".

I fly all night tonight and travel a good bit of tomorrow so won't check in again until day four, so take good care of yourselves, know that what you are doing is GOOD FOR YOU!

Here is a link to a wonderful program a dear friend of mine has put together with lots of free informational videos on cleansing. I HIGHLY recommend it to you all.

Love you,