Thursday, January 28, 2010

JUICE CLUB coming soon

Hi Everyone,

Don't know how many of you will check the BLOG before the JUICE CLUB starts this month but I wanted to write as we prepare to start our second month together. Some of you are joining us for the first time and we welcome you.
Remember that being a part of the JUICE CLUB is taking on your health, your well being, your beauty, your peace of mind, your LIFE!
Set yourself up to win. You will all be receiving an email from me sharing how best to prepare for this months JUICE "feast".
So looking forward to partnering with you all. Know that what you are taking on is HEALING you, cleaning you out, preparing your body for taking better care of itself and for being happier and more energetic.
Come share with me on the BLOG, this is your time and I am here with and for you.
Talk to you soon. Grateful for all of you.
Love, Terces

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Be You?

Reaching the middle of the month of January and wondering how you BE? What I mean by that is "what are you thinking", "what are you believing", "what are you saying", "what are you doing", and "what's your attitude?" Those are what we call "being". We say that is what gives you your experience of life. What you are thinking, believing, saying, doing and what your attitude is, IS your life!
What I notice is that sometimes my thoughts lead me towards sadness and separation and the good thing is I NOTICE it! Once I notice it then I can actually hand pick some new thought, one that leads we towards fulfillment and connection.... Sure I can stay with my original thought, but why would I choose that? See I do have a choice! That is the good news.
So what thoughts are you choosing? Are your thoughts creating a life you love? Are your thoughts empowering you and whatever you are up to? If so, great. If not, choose other thoughts... ones that lead towards happiness.
Thank you for being YOU.
Have a great day.
Love, Terces

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Miss You Already

Good Morning,

Don't know how many of you will check this blog after the completion of Day Seven of our first month of the JUICE CLUB. However I want to let you know that I miss you already.
I found myself missing the urgency to check in with the blog to see how everyone was doing right after the breakfast dishes. I know that space in my life will be filled up with something else soon, but for today I wanted to share with all of you, how much I have enjoyed this first week. I also realize what a difference it made for ME and my experience of juicing. I NEVER felt alone. I was inspired to keep going because I knew you were there counting on me too. Your sharing inspired me and I am grateful.
Please do share what difference this has made for you and any ideas for how it could be even more supportive and helpful in coming months.
Today, how about doing something really great for yourself, schedule a massage, take a yoga class, go have tea in your favorite shop or invite some friends in for some special time together, whatever warms and keeps your heart open.
Thanks again so much.
Have a wonderful rest of January and I'll see you again in February.
Love, Terces

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good Morning,

First of all ENJOY today. Let yourself relish in your accomplishment, let yourself get really present to how great you are and how healthy you feel! Look back over this past week and note all the insights you have had, all the lessons you have learned. ACKNOWLEDGE yourself along with all the others in your life you are taking on ACKNOWLEDGING today!
Thank you for your commitment to healing. I look forward to hearing about the difference the JUICE CLUB is making for you. I can sculpt the remained of the months from your feedback so it is important to me.
I am so grateful for each one of you! You may want to shift your "normal" diet after a week of JUICING, I can see there are things I find myself eating or drinking that I am not going to put back into my daily diet. Look and see what really serves you and what you are up to in life and eat and drink those items.
BE GOOD TO YOURSELF, you are worthy of everything wonderful.
I will continue to blog here as long as there are contributions from others and will see you next month, same place, same time.
Have a glorious January and make your life matter.

Love you all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Six

Whoa, I had a tough day yesterday, Just shared in a comment to Libby that we had lots of visitors on the farm and my taking care of myself routine was completely interrupted. I missed my wheatgrass and simply did not have enough fresh green juice. I felt slow, sluggish, sad... you get the picture. What I was excited about is I didn't spend too much time making myself wrong. I simply shifted my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep to TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY and it is not going the way today went. I felt excited to get back up on the horse so to speak and take care of myself.
How are you feeling? What is your experience?
Today we are practicing apologizing... who are you going to apologize to?
Thanks again for being here with us all and congratulations on being someone who is committed to their health and well being.
Love you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Five... on our way home!

Last night was my first day with LOTS of contact with other people. We had our managers meeting and then everyone went to Gracias Madre (our NEW organic vegan mexican restaurant) in the Mission District. While everyone ate I had our Horchata (which was delicious by the way) and I couldn't believe how easy it was to just enjoy their company. I felt so connected, so present, it was great to not be distracted by eating and really get a chance to connect with them! I love that I actually feel MORE CONNECTED not less, which sometimes is a social belief. Of course I get that food connects us, especially healthy food, and feeling so healthy REALLY provided something for me.
I find myself thinking of Thursday and how I am going to merge back into eating. I have the thought that I want to go slowly, start with salads and fresh greens. I want to STAY conscious and present most of all. And for now, I am focusing just on TODAY, on RIGHT NOW and how wonderful it feels to be clear.
SO today is about MAKING REQUESTS, perhaps a request that you have been waiting for the RIGHT time to make! Guess what, this is the RIGHT TIME, NOW!
What request can you make?
Please keep sharing, please be good and generous with yourself and let the people in your life know how much you care and LOVE them.
I love you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Four Yipee!

Good Morning,

Couldn't help but notice how the sunshine was lighting up the mountains this morning just beyond our farm, maybe that is the impact of being over half way on the week of JUICING! I can see the light!
I also experienced the daily email as so helpful, keeping ME on track, a great reminder.
This morning breakfast was a little more appealing to me, found the smells from the Chiliquillos tempting, and I reminded myself of how great it feels to take a break and really tune in and clean out! I reached for my hot lemon water and found it so yummy, I added a bit of cayenne pepper to it today and loved it even more.
I also find that today since we are heading to the city for meeting and a night with our managers that I was excited by the prospect of purchasing juice from Cafe Gratitude, where there are more choices than I give myself here. That is insightful too, how come I don't give myself more options on a regular basis. I definitely tend to be happy with what is so, rather than broaden my choices....I can see that I could be more generous with ME.
Yesterday I did 15 minutes on the Rebounder and felt so good.
This morning I connected with my sister in Tennessee an we promised to get together this year, just the two of us! Who could you reconnect with? Someone you would love to be closer to and somehow something always gets in the way? How about committing to some special time with them?
Have a powerful day and be generous with yourSELF!
Love Terces

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three

GOOD morning.

Here on the farm the weather man says it will be nearly 60 degrees today... that's warm. Yeah! How is everyone, share when you get a moment, it is so nice to be connected with others and your experience makes a difference for them as well.
Yesterday I had the insight "when you aren't taking care of yourself you can't be taking care of others either".... wow I started thinking about the general condition of health of most people on the planet and it is easy to see why the planet is being used up! I find myself taking such good care of EVERYTHING. Cleaning, clearing away, finishing projects.... and then mySELF. Really managing my experience of ME. I am feeling in the flow today, certainly breakfast is easier. I love the hot water with lemon and today I had some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with a pinch of himalayan salt, so yummy. I also like it blended with sprouts for some real green power.
Sometimes I experience it is difficult for me to "get off the farm" and into town for whatever errands there are to run, and now it seem easier to move between all my tasks effortlessly. I am appreciating that today... as our New York Times comes on Sunday and some weeks we don't collect it until Monday and it is only at the end of our road.
How about adding a bike ride today or 15 minutes on a rebounder? Something that aids in the lymphatic system cleaning itself out too? Drink plenty of water and enjoy your Sunday.
Thanks again for who you are.
Love, Terces

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Two

Hi Everyone,
I don't know about you but I woke up filled with dreams, some meaningful others just enjoyable.... realizing how much I seem to recall my dreams when I am juicing. Also noticed while sitting around the campfire this morning that it is nice to have my hands busy while breakfast is happening... so I cracked lots of walnuts. Feels good to to see all those amazing nuts coming out for future use.... yesterday I dehydrated lots of thin slices of persimmons and they also look amazing. Am going to finish those today.
I am enjoying the feeling in my body of just being more IN my body. Also the clarity in my mind and the lessening of on going chatter! A peaceful mind is a great thing!
How are you. Use this blog to share, get support, or simply to connect with others who are also committed to taking on their health and well being as part of this year.

Love you all. Have a sweet day. Be kind to yourself.
Love, Terces

Friday, January 1, 2010

Juice Club

Day One....
I don't know about you but there is something so simple about waking up and knowing that today is a JUICE DAY, the clarity and simplicity shows up right away. Maybe it is that there are less choices to make right from the get go, I don't know. But I can feel the energy that is released by not having solid food to digest, by not wondering what I am going to eat (even though I prepare three meals a day for the farm crew!)
I love JUICING DAYS, in fact I probably struggle more on days when I am eating. Today I noticed my thoughts saying Yeah, it is JUICING WEEK ( I have been doing this since September)... and noticing how long the other three weeks of the month feel. I also noticed that with the holidays there is so much focus on food that it feels freeing to be JUICING starting today!
I also want to thank you all for sharing this experience with me and look forward to your sharing as well.
Happy New Year.
Love Terces