Friday, January 7, 2011

Completion of Day Seven January

Good Night everyone,

Just returned from the Kings Speech, what a powerful and great movie about friendship.
Thanks for being my friend.
Keep juicing and start with adding in some sprouts, salads and or steamed veggies. I suggest going easy at first, really don't fill yourself, no need to. Your need for food will have decreased and you want to give your digestive system time to ramp up again. You have done a great job of giving your system a break, and cleaning out old toxins. I really recommend that you consider continuing along this path, the regularity of JUICING has so many additional health benefits.
Why not continue? That is a good place to start to look at any habits or patterns that may not be the best for you.
Thanks again, and I look forward to sharing more with you next month.
Happy New Year.
Love. Terces

Day SEVEN January

Now that is full on winter... in Iceland (taken from our plane)!

Good Morning,

Another crip cold winter morning on the farm. Friends are coming to lunch today so the bean pot is already cooking. I had the green juice with avocado and chili for breakfast, as Molly, my daughter got up early and made breakfast for the farm crew... what a treat!
I awoke at 6am and then realized I had a full 45 minutes before I needed to open the chicken coops and fell back into a deep sleep and was SO GRATEFUL for the extra snuggle time! Sleep is also an important part of healing and cleansing.
What would you love to be acknowledged for today? Share with me, I would love to know.
I would love to be acknowledged for balancing my full life. For taking care of all the aspects of my varied lifestyle, mother, wife, grandmother, leader, cook, friend, sister... you get the idea. When I walk around I see so many things that are mine to take on and I simply do the one that is front of me and keep on going to the next....
I am inspired by how full and luscious my life is!
Thank you for being here, have a beautiful winter day.
Love. Terces

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day SIX January

If it is green it is the energy of the sun, and it is SO GOOD for you!

Hi Everyone,

I really don't know how many of us are still juicing together. There are about 1500 signed up but am not sure of where we all are. I'm thinking we will do another invite for next month on our newsletter. I do wish more of you would share your experiences, it makes a difference for me and will for you too.
Tonight was yoga, and it always feels so good. Especially all the heat after a really cold day. Awoken to frozen pipes in the kitchen (it is out of doors, so no real surprise on freezing nights). I encourage all of you to be exercising, it is so helpful in the detoxing phase of cleaning yourself out. Also drink plenty of water.
Kris shared that she is noticing her emotions and their connection to eating and food. Just let those emotions go on by, that is part of the cleansing process. Don't get attached to them, just watch them pass. Overtime you will gain new insights that will be supportive of your healthier lifestyle.
I noticed today that I am simply not that interested in unhealthy foods and drinks. I was sharing with my granddaughter that food that is green (naturally), as we were cutting collards for lunch, is like eating sunlight and our bodies LOVE sunlight and that energy is the best energy there is for us. So eat Green... let the sunshine in!
Love, Terces

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day FIVE January

Me in my new coat from Mollie (my daughter) at Christmas. She owns Kind Kreme in Los Angeles... vegan ice cream shop... YUMMY!

Good Night,

The end of Day Five is here, and I notice that it seems like I could go on forever.... I remember this place from previous months. The routine of juicing has kicked in, food has lost it attraction, I am feeling clean, clear, energetic and happy.
My granddaughter and I had a great day, she was really up for doing the chores with me and I really didn't have to say "no" that often. Lucky me! She spent about an hour helping me pick up pecan nuts that had fallen to the ground and were buried by leaves, that we collect, plant and grow trees from.
I am again experiencing the expansion of time while juicing although not as much as I do in the longer days of summer. I notice I am getting things done, that I have thought about doing for awhile.
I so appreciated the "warmer" winter day today, with no rain.
What are you noticing? How is your juicing experience.
Again I had hot apple juice in the evening around the campfire and loved it!
I am grateful for you and for chlorella!
Until tomorrow... sweet dreams.

Love, T

Day FOUR January

Our source of heat in the winter!

Hi There,

Today, the beginning of Day Five I notice I am starting to feel like "this is just the way it is". There is less interest in other people's food ( I do all the cooking for the farm crew here) and I am settling in to JUICING as a way of life. It is really cold on the farm so lots of cold juices just isn't really appealing, so I add in hot apple and ginger juice, hot herbal teas with citrus, room temp kombucha (which I make) and then I take LOTS of Chlorella ( it is available on our web site and E3Live. Find out what works for you and create your program. We have also added in two nights a week of Bikram Yoga which really helps with the "cold to the bones" feeling of winter, mostly living out of doors.
What is working for you?
I am also being challenged right now with our grand daughter, I so don't want to upset her and yet sometimes I just have to say "no", which is not her favorite word. I can see that if I could have it my way I would avoid upsets (and probably do). I just want to reason or talk things through into workability and that isn't always possible with a 4 year old!
What are you seeing, what are you learning, how are you being stretched?
Thanks for being here, I so appreciate all of you sharing, no matter where you are.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day THREE January

Good Morning,

It is really the morning of Day Four, however we had a going away celebration for both of our sons last night, who are leaving today for Los Angeles, to open the first LA Cafe Gratitude. They have been with us (in CG) for years and I am only now beginning to get present to the HUGE contribution they are and how much I will miss them.
WE are thrilled for the LA opening and for all that will come of a Gratitude Community being in Southern California! Here we come!
We returned to the farm late last night and I was SO COLD in the yurt that I couldn't bring myself to blog... so here I am now.
First of all I want to say that along with JUICING, and whatever your program looks like, practice NOT MAKING YOURSELF WRONG... or start AFFIRMING YOURSELF and appreciating who you are. What could you be affirming about yourself today?
I was walking out to open the chicken coops this morning with deep front covering the land and thinking about what a kind woman I am. I starting affirming my commitment to kindness, and immediately my doubts about my own divinity began to melt away like the sunshine warming the frosted ground.
This morning I made a hot cocoa with raw cocoa powder and almond milk and it was so yummy. I also had some steamed kale last night, but realized that I also had a stomach ache on the way home, and don't really recommend that. So today it is back to liquids and JUICE. My favorite is still some green juice with avocado and chili, the spice always feels like I have eaten a delicious meal!
Be gentle, be kind.
Happy New Year.
Love, Terces

Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY TWO January

Our Family at Christmas this year!

Hi Everyone,

Another day with a Jamba Juice stop for wheatgrass and juice. This time I had two of my grandchildren with me and they had juice too. WE were returning from Santa Cruz (where they live) to the farm in Vacaville for an overnight with Grandma and Grandpa. It however is as soggy as can be on the farm and cold too... so we stopped and went to the movies to see Tangled. WOW, what a beautiful transformational film for children and grandmothers (I guess). I loved it so much I didn't want to take them to the bathroom in the middle of it, so we all held it in, until the end.
They are now playing with their cousin upstairs of the barn while I finish my blog.
I am so grateful for all of you.
How are you feeling? Thanks for sharing what your headlines would be... keep sharing, I love hearing what we are all up to.
Get Loud, share about your health and healing, no matter where you are and as someone asked, drink plenty of water and keep on going to get rid of the caffeine (or lack of it) headache.
I love you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day ONE January


What a great way to start the NEW YEAR, caring for YOURSELF!
What is inspiring you to take JUICING on?
I would love to hear....
WE always play this game at the beginning of the year called....
If you were creating the front page of the newspaper, what would your headlines for this year be?
What would your headlines say?
Remember to be creative with juicing.. what are your combinations... today I was driving to Santa Cruz to visit my son and his family... and I stopped at Jamba Juice... where they have WHEATGRASS.. and fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice.. along with all the frozen fruit smoothies (which I don't necessarily recommend.. and they are better than nothing at all).
So find what works and if you are committing to juicing all year, I highly recommend getting yourself a juicer, or getting a group of people together who want to juice and purchasing one together and then juicing for all of you.... make it work, that is my coaching....create your life and juicing in any way that works for you!
Love you all.
Have a sweet day today and everyday.
Love. Terces