Friday, January 7, 2011

Day SEVEN January

Now that is full on winter... in Iceland (taken from our plane)!

Good Morning,

Another crip cold winter morning on the farm. Friends are coming to lunch today so the bean pot is already cooking. I had the green juice with avocado and chili for breakfast, as Molly, my daughter got up early and made breakfast for the farm crew... what a treat!
I awoke at 6am and then realized I had a full 45 minutes before I needed to open the chicken coops and fell back into a deep sleep and was SO GRATEFUL for the extra snuggle time! Sleep is also an important part of healing and cleansing.
What would you love to be acknowledged for today? Share with me, I would love to know.
I would love to be acknowledged for balancing my full life. For taking care of all the aspects of my varied lifestyle, mother, wife, grandmother, leader, cook, friend, sister... you get the idea. When I walk around I see so many things that are mine to take on and I simply do the one that is front of me and keep on going to the next....
I am inspired by how full and luscious my life is!
Thank you for being here, have a beautiful winter day.
Love. Terces


kris said...

Hi Terces! I acknowledge that you ARE balancing your full life, and you ARE taking care of all aspects of your varied lifestyle, mother, wife, grandmother, leader, cook, friend, and sister.

I would like to be acknowledged for making it through my first 7 day juice fast. I would also like to be acknowledged for not eating any of the pizza that is sitting on my counter top for my daughter and her sleepover friends! That, my friends, is a feat in itself!!! I'm marvelously amazing tonight! :D

I am so grateful to you Terces, for providing these fasts for all of us. And I'm very grateful for the others who posted here. I hope I have the courage to join you all again in February!


Terces Engelhart said...

Dear Kris,

I so acknowledge you for not eating the pizza... rather start with some yummy veggies and or salad... and take it easy working back into a great diet... thanks so much for sharing. Love. T
See you next month!