Sunday, August 8, 2010


Happy SUnday,

Well, I broke my JUICING with a sprout salad (sprouts, lemon, olive oil, salt and cucumbers) YUMMY! and then we had a dinner date in Sacramento and WOW am I ever present to how fortunate we are to have the food we do on a daily basis.
I can imagine the level of health and well being of folks who eat more commercially grown and traditionally prepared food! I also know that the body adjusts and we simply don't know how GOOD we are capable of feeling.
So, be good to yourself, if you are going to splurge, then purchase the best organic foods you can find! You are worthy of GREAT HEALTH.
I encourage you to increase your amounts of fresh, raw fruits and veggies... they are such a great way to nourish yourself. Keep food preparation simple, eat foods as close to the condition they come from the earth as possible.
See you next month, would love you to continue to share your experiences with me. I will keep checking our blog.
Have a great month.
Love yourself and others.
Love, Terces

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yahoo... Day seven and no matter where you are, trust this months process! Everything is a learning experience guiding you home to your Divine Self! See the opportunity in all of it. For me, leading the leadership course on the farm and being joined by two mother members of the JUICE CLUB was such a treat! Even though amazing meals are being prepared by someone else... I feel good completing this ,onto! I did have some watermelon fresh from the farm and enjoyed each juicy bite!
I feel healthy, strong, clear and inspired. How about YOU. Share with me, I will continue to check the blog for the next several days. meet me here.
Remember to keep on juicing while you SLOWLY add is fresh, organic foods....
Thank you for everything.
I love YOU.
Love, Terces

Friday, August 6, 2010


WHoa... I got whacked yesterday! Don't know what happened, maybe I got dehydrated, maybe just not enough nutrition, maybe not enough rest - quiet time... but I struggled to keep my energy up. I felt dizzy, tired, hot, and just all around "not good". I was happy when the day was over.... did do 10 minutes on a slant board and felt a bit better, swam some too.... and then today I awoke and feel good!
So happy it passed through... how about you?
We are starting our second weekend training in our Leadership Program today and I am so grateful for increased energy. I also know that I can share my experience with others and just be with it.
I too, have not really enjoyed our usually amazing green juice this month, don't know what is up. Wheatgrass is ok, though. So what I want to share is TRUST YOURSELF, YOUR BODY... and if you are going to eat something keep it light... sprouts, avocado, salad.... don't make yourself wrong that is so counter intuitive to what we actually taking on together.
YOU ARE THE PERFECTNESS OF _________ (SPIRIT, LOVE, NATURE, GOD.... ) whatever word resonates for you.
Thank you for your commitment. I am so proud of you.
Love, Terces

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hey folks,

What's happening? Fill me in, share your experiences. What successes are you enjoying? What failures are you celebrating?
How are you being good to yourself? What do you love about YOU?
I notice that I am in the groove, it now just seems like JUICING is the way it is! That is one of the rewards of consistency.... it just IS!
I love that I am clearer, that I am more present, that life is flowing....
I love that you are all sharing this experience with me... thank YOU!
I have noticed that I am not really hungry, just peaceful. When I am feeling any hunger I simply drink water first and then if I still want something a juice. Green juice isn't really tasting good to me, so I have had more apple, lemon, and blended fruit drinks. Guess it is SUMMER, and what is ripe is what is appealing. I am trusting the process.
I drink rishi mushroom (and sell) healthy "coffee" and this morning that didn't even hit the spot! So who knows what is happening, I am TRUSTING MY BODY!
I love you. Be good to yourself. Know that you are an amazing gift to this world and see yourself as a contribution to others! I do.
Love, Terces

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Good Afternoon,

WOW a full morning for me. Country California, the television show, was on the farm today filming for an upcoming show! I also had 7 young children, along with my two of my grandchildren.... no problem JUICING, wasn't time to eat!
Maybe the key to JUICING is keeping your life full so you aren't wondering when you get to eat again! Never quite thought of it that way before this morning!
Here is a direct link to Abundant Health, where you are being offered the special on colonics:
Juice Club Special

Here is what I am present to today.

The ease of my life. I work hard, I have a full schedule, I wear many hats... and I don't resist any of it! It is my lack of resistance that creates my experience of EASE! So, I invite you, if you have any experience of suffering to simply shift your attention and STOP RESISTING.
What does that look like? Well for me, I look for something that inspires me, motivates me, pleases me... without any evidence. For example when we get ready to travel, I usually don't want to go! There is so much that needs to be done to prepare to leave our busy life behind. We are often going to work in some other city or location and I am simply wanting to stay home. So I start thinking about some amazing bakery in either the airport or where we are going that has some unbelievable "roll", with thick crust, organic of course, all warm just from the oven... now you may be asking yourself "What is she talking about?" for me this is just something that I imagine I would love to find, appreciate when I do and enjoy as well. However I have been traveling for years and years and have yet to find it!.... and the idea of it keeps me packing, carrying my bags to the car, going through security, checking out the bakery cases in the airport... just in case... you get the idea? Do I know it is imaginary? YES! does it motivate me anyway? YES!
What motivates you? Once I am on my way and with others, something else takes over, the enthusiasm of others! But until that time the "roll" works just fine!
Do what it takes to keep yourself motivated.
I love you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Good Morning,

Well, much to share today. First of all thank you to all of you who share your experience with me, you make a big difference in my life! I appreciate you.
I was sharing at our manager meeting last night, and asked how many of the managers were on the JUICE CLUB this month and only two people raised their hands. I couldn't help but think about the "drop out" rate. What I want to say is this month is my personal 11th month (even though the CLUB only started in Jan of this year) and I can see a HUGE difference in my life with the "consistency over time" effect of juicing one week a month... so I invite you to "get back on the horse" and keep on going. Even if you fall off a day or so, don't make it mean anything other than the "horse" is waiting! Climb back on top and get going. There are treasure ahead unseen from where you are!
I also want to thank Shaila for her offer of 2 for 1 colonics. Here is her email address so you can take advantage of this offer. or call 415.440.dtox (3869) or schedule online at

Here is some info from my Mary Janes Farm newletter on colonics I thought you might enjoy:
"Internal Cleansing
In the summer months, when there is more time to do things for yourself, why not try
something beneficial for your health and cleaning regimen? Internal cleansing, better known
as colonics, is a great way to flush out any harboring toxins and eliminate any decayed fecal
matter from your intestines. In a sense, you are cleaning from the inside out!
It is said that the average human being has between 10 to 40 pounds of fecal matter in their
colon. And claims have been made that leftover fecal matter and toxins can contribute to
many ailments. Our history tells us that the Egyptians believed that toxins from decomposition
moved into other areas of the body, creating illnesses. Others expanded on that idea, and
microbiology seemed to support the autointoxication theory. A popular doctor from the early
1900s, John Harvey Kellogg, founder of the Kellogg cereal company, promoted the idea of
colonics and lectured to other physicians the many benefits colon therapy had on his patients
and their conditions. However, as laxatives grew popular, colon cleansing took a back seat.
We have now approached a more green and holistic era, where people are more assertive in
looking for ways to improve their health and well being. Many people use colon cleansing as
a way to detox and cleanse themselves from the inside out. Advocates of colon hydrotherapy
believe that fecal matter can accumulate and harden in the colon. They believe this buildup
of fecal matter may prevent the absorption of nutrients and lead to constipation. Constipation
then can allow harmful colon bacteria and yeast to grow, causing toxins to be absorbed into
the bloodstream.
I, myself, had never heard of colonics until three years ago. I began to get proactive in
my healthcare and looked into alternative practices."

I highly recommend cleaning yourself inside and out!

Shayla has some wonderful
personal stories of how colonics changed her life and the
lives of others. Some immediate benefits to the cleanses are
increased energy, memory, and digestion. Better bowel
elimination and sleep can also be attributed to colonic
therapy. I realize colonics may not be for everyone, but
I’ve witnessed the benefits firsthand. If it is true that our
bodies are like machines, and machines run better with
regular oil changes, then maybe we, too, should flush “clean”
our systems every 3,000 miles or so.
Affirmation for today; I am worthy of everything WONDERFUL!"

Love you so much,

Monday, August 2, 2010


Good Morning,

How was day one? I heard from a few of you and am so grateful you are taking the coaching and "being gentle" with yourself. A reminder that this is not intended to be a suffering experience, it is all about health and well being. So, be well, think wellness thoughts, take wellness actions, notice your attitude and keep it on well being. What creates an experience of well being for you?
For me, it is when I am noticing and appreciating who I am, the difference I make. When my attention is there the things I do, the thoughts I have are healthy ones!
Not that the "shadow" of doubt doesn't want to sneak in and take me out, it is simply "catching" it before it has done any damage!
So, what do you appreciate about yourself?
I have added Acai to my juicing this month, I really want to experiment with it and see if I notice a difference.
Also ABUNDANT HEALTH, has generously offered, for those of you in the San Francisco area a TWO FOR ONE colonic special, please contact Shayla at: if you would like to sign up! I highly recommend colonics as a great support for juicing, and she is such a wonderful soul to be in communication with.
Love you all.
Have a sweet day of JUICING.
Love, Terces
A REMINDER, share on the BLOG today, it will connect you in so many amazing ways to others just like you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Well, so much to share and the day has just begun. Here is what I am noticing and I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DAY TOO!
While all I have to do is skip that first meal of the first day and JUICE instead... and I notice I clean like I haven't cleaned since last month, I complete things as soon as I notice them, start what I have been stepping over all month, feel feelings I wish I felt the other three weeks of the month... am so IN LOVE, IN THE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE, LOVING MYSELF, MY LIFE, OTHERS... it's CRAZY.. and I tell myself I'll do some other day in the midst of the three weeks and I NEVER DO... WHY I ask myself, BECAUSE I HAVEN"T GIVEN MY WORD TO, like I have this year of one week a month... so If you are falling off the week, or skipping a month here or there, STOP, Just sit down with yourself and RECOMMIT. Write out your commitment, let yourself know you ARE GOING TO DO THIS... no matter what. There is so much POWER in it, promise!
I am happy to be sharing this experience with you all.
Please, share your experience with me, WRITE on this BLOG.... it makes a difference for you, for me, and for everyone who reads this.
Know you are loved, Enjoy your day.
Love your life!
I love you.