Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One last note...

I wanted to share with you all a great juice.
Mix Vitaqmineral green, 1 teaspoon with some kombucha (I make mine with Rooibos), and stir. It is a wonderful summer drink filled with good stuff for your body!
Love you all.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Well, here we are on the last day of Juicing this month! Seems like the week went by quickly.
I want to share something with you that occurs almost as a miracle to me, and I do understand that folks don't always share this honestly.
Here goes.
I have often heard of wheat grass enemas and implants, but other than one or two other times, years ago the idea or benefits of them had slipped my mind. Then this month I just wasn't feeling that great. Actually since I returned from Italy. I have had the thought that breaking my JUICING week in Rome wasn't perhaps the best for my body! Other thoughts of aging, feeling discouraged, etc seemed to grad a hold more tightly to my attention. I wasn't able to brush them off. I was also struggling with hemorrhoids and they too seemed to be more persistent and painful.
I am not sure where the thought came from, but there it was. Try a wheat grass implant. Now, I wasn't sure I understood what that exactly was so I went to my computer and looked it up.
There it was, with simple instructions on how to give myself one.
So I did.
WOW, I am amazed at how I feel. This is the third morning of doing one and almost all my symptoms are gone! I feel energized, clearer, happier, more focused and out of pain.
So, I am sharing this as I highly recommend it. It is pretty simple to do and painless too.
If you need instructions, let me know, but really the good old internet is pretty helpful on this one.
That said, what was your experience this month?
How can I support you even more?
Have a great month, the sun is shinning today and that warms my soul.

Love. Terces

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hi There,

Well how are you doing? What are your challenges and triumphants?
Here is one of mine, a big one for me, that may seem surprising to you.
Just yesterday, late in the day, when I was still not feeling that great and I started to get a bit of heart burn, I had the realization that my body needed some sprouts. I went into the kitchen and put a handful in a bowl and eat them, with a bit of lemon juice on them as well. Shortly after I felt much better and realized that I RARELY see food as my ally! Mostly for most of my life I have manipulated by body in some way with food. It might be counting calories(when I was younger), treats for something, to get me to do something I wasn't really thrilled about(oh sure I'll go do that and then stop for something or get something in that same direction along the way)... you get the idea. WOW what a wake up it was, to really start to see food as my ally, as on my side, the side of health and well being. I am still working through the insight and it is deep and powerful and still new. So I'll share as more reveals itself.
How about you?
Rained all day, a fluke for California this time of year!
Went for a foot massage... so amazing and relaxing and a great get away in the rain.
Remember to drink plenty of water and oh yes, a great "tea" is the plum paste Umeboshi with a little warm water, It is the most alkalizing food there is. A little bit goes a long way, it is HIGHLY concentrated. Available in most health food store, and also where Japanese specialty items are sold.
Love. Terces

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Good Morning,
Was so wonderful going to Jeffrey and Carrye's wedding yesterday and seeing the young people we have mentored over the years choose marriage. It was also so great to meet their parents and see the community that has gathered around them.
They also had some delicious homemade Gingerale that was the perfect fit for how I was feeling.
I did have some salad and later in the day a couple cherries that are just ripening on our trees and I feel good.
This morning Green Juice with a touch of fresh grapefruit juice and later a fresh strawberry smoothie.
How are you doing.
I did an intestinal cleanse recently so am being careful not to under nourish myself, sometimes my tendency when juicing.
Today I am going to have a green juice with Avocado added for some more substance as well.
How are you feeling?
How are you going to nourish yourself today, in some special way?
Love you all.
Thanks for being here... and if you read into yesterdays post that it wasn't ok to Juice some months and not others, I apologize, I simply wanted to make sure that those on the list were experiencing the benefits of the communication, support and community.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Good Morning,

Welcome to June, While it is raining today, unprecedented at this time of year, I feel bright inside as we begin this week of JUICING together.
I actually started a couple days ago as I was having some problems with my digestion and elimination, so JUICING was my choice.
I have been thinking about how many of us are signed up for the JUICE CLUB and yet not everyone is opening their emails and participating so here is my request.

I was thinking this month it would be great for those of us who wish to continue on to RECOMMIT!
I know that old commitments for me, go stale over time. I simply am not as present as I once was to my commitment, to what had me sign up in the first place.
Juicing is one of those things in my life that I experience the benefit of, only when I am FULLY COMMITTED. Half way, simply doesn't work. That said, I am COMMITTED that
our JUICE CLUB is a powerful UNIT that is supporting one another, and couldn't help but notice that while there are 1800 people signed up, only around 500 opened the emails last month. My request is, take a moment, really look and see, are you up for JUICING one week each month and if so STAY SIGNED UP, if NOT then DELETE YOUR NAME from the list, that way there is more clarity out there in the universe about WHAT WE ARE ALL UP TO!
I am here for you and am so up for you being here for you too!
I love you.

Thank you for accepting my request, I am looking forward to seeing your name on the email and KNOWING that you are FULLY COMMITTED to participating.
Any suggestions and ideas are always welcome, this is YOUR JUICE CLUB!

Love. Terces