Friday, October 8, 2010



Today during yoga class at our retreat, I realized, as I smelled food cooking in the kitchen that since I have been JUICING for one week a month for a year now, food no longer controls me! That is a big realization. I can smell food, enjoy the smell and appreciate it and I don't have to put all my attention on getting to it, eating it or trying not to eat it... I can keep on doing yoga and appreciate myself, my body, this moment! Yeah!
What are you noticing? What difference is JUICING making in your life?
Thank you for yet another great week together. I look forward to next month and I will keep checking into this blog for a few days. You are always welcome to share here.
I look forward to hearing from you. YOu make a difference in my life.
I love you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DAY SIX ending DAY SEVEN beginning OCTOBER


People are arriving for the beginning of our Kindred Spirit retreat. We just finished flipping through the pages of the proof of our soon to be released book by the same name. I just had a conversation with a couple of "single moms" in the farm kitchen and am present to how powerful the tools we share are. My life went the way it went given the tools I had to work with in the life challenges I created and was presented with. Today the people in our community have a better set of tools, and their lives are heading in more powerful directions. I am proud of them.
Just like you, taking your health as something you can be more responsible for, you are experiencing a different outcome.
You are letting go of what no longer serves you, you are willing to let in what you are worthy of receiving and you are celebrating others and your own successes, that is a transformation.
As you prepare to ween yourself from juicing, be gentle. Take it easy, keep juicing and add in some salads, some soups, some fresh steamed greens. Keep your water intake high, keep exercising, and keep affirming that WHO YOU ARE IS LOVE.
I love you.
Love, Terces

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



I am in Maui on our farm here preparing for our upcoming workshop, Kindred Spirit. I notice how I can resist some of the necessary jobs in my life and when I resist them, I suffer. So I am letting go. I am keeping my attention on the difference sharing with others makes. I see so many people around me who have such richer lives from participating in their own lives in more empowering ways. What can you keep your attention on when you resist what you might have on your to do list today?
What ways of thinking, or habitual patterns can you let go of today that will support your awakening. Awakening to what? To LOVE!
Instead of noticing what might not be working as well as you would like it to be, what is working beautifully, right NOW!
Instead of noticing what you didn't get done, what did you accomplish that you can celebrate?
Instead of noticing where you weren't your word, what did you fulfill on that had you being your word?
Where were you generous, kind, loving, accepting?
Thank you for sharing, thank you for being here.
Drink lots of liquids and let your body move today, freely.....
I love you. Terces

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Three and Day Four OCTOBER

I apologize for not blogging yesterday, just as I paid for a couple of hours of on line service in the Honolulu airport, they asked us to leave on an earlier plane as ours was oversold! Yikes.. no time to share with you.
So here I am, on a borrowed computer in an amazing tree house on our farm in Maui under the shade cloth covered with vines in a light rain, catching up
Insights... well... I have had people share with me about their experience of the JUICE CLUB and am reinspired by who we are and what we are taking on together.
A woman here on the farm shared today that she is up to 3 days a month of JUICING and that feels so good to her, she was sharing this with me as she made herself some JUICE! She is getting ready to travel for a year and I was saying she could JUICE her way around the world! Don' let yourself get stopped, even if you make some necessary adjustments, keep going.
Having JUICED for a year, one week a month, I am adding one day a week to my program. Why? cause that is what my body is requesting... a day of JUICING in between the weeks to clear out and realigned... and my diet in between is pretty great... so I can tell that my body loves JUICING!
How about you? what are you learning about YOUR BODY. Someone asked me yesterday, after complimenting me on how I look, "what are you doing?" Well, the only real difference in my life is that I am JUICING ONE WEEK A MONTH and I can say that I have never felt so comfortable in my body before! I can also say that I have the best, healthiest relationship to food, eating, time, feeling..... loving, ever! So come on, JOIN US and JUICE with 1700 other people around the world and see what you see, feel, appreciate....

Thank you for loving yourself. I love you.
Love, Terces

P.S. There are still a few spaces available in our Workshop in Costa Rica in February... why not join us?

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi Everyone,

What are you present to this morning? What are you learning? What insights are you having? Today someone in Leadership training shared with me the difference that the JUICE CLUB is making in her life. She said, that she has seen so much about her food patterns, her eating from someplace other than hunger (for food), and she has made the shift to create a more nourishing relationship with herself and with food.
How about you? What can you share?
I am listening......
I love you,


Good Morning,

Welcome to DAY ONE! Remember it doesn't matter if this is your first month, or 10th! You want to start where you are. Set yourself up to win. Be sure you have plenty of juice or the veggies and fruits to make your own juice. Take it easy. Be kind to yourself. For me, I am so ready to be juicing again, that I am excited about the first week of each month. In fact, last month I noticed around the 20th I was looking forward to the rest of the month passing sooner so I could get to juicing. Silly me, I realized I could just juice an extra day here or there or start early! Which I did!
So listen to your body... and remember how important water is too.

Welcome back if you are returning and all of you be sure to share on this BLOG as you make a difference for others and when you share you will deeper your awareness of your own JUICING JOURNEY.

I love you. THank you for being here.
Love. Terces