Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A "Late" Miracle

Good Morning,

While the week of JUICING together is over, my insights are continuing on, so I share more today with you all.
Many of you know that I dealt with an eating disorder for over 20 years many years ago. However when I first heard the response to my question, "How can I maintain my health for the rest of my life?", and "Juice one week a month" was what I was inspired to take on I had no idea of the impact on my long term recovery. At first it brought up so many old, healed - I thought wounds and losses. I was confronted and a bit afraid of all that was coming to the surface that I thought was long past put to rest. I kept on though which for me is now 7 months of one week a month. I kept holding space for a deeper healing, more insights, more forgiveness, more love. Then just yesterday, 1 day after the week ended I noticed something new. I am having the experience that I am in the midst of a LIFESTYLE change, there is very little difference between the JUICING week and my other weeks. I can see that something has shifted, like a marriage between how I care for myself now and always. I used to experience a real BEGINNING to the week and a real ENDING to the week and now it seems to be all ONE LIFE, all MY LIFE.
It reminds me of when I realized that WORK and PLAY didn't need to be separated, that my work could be my play and my play could be my work. A bit like time alone and time with others. LESS SEPARATION is what I am present to, a THINNING OF THE VEIL in all areas of my life.
So I share.
Perhaps this is what is happening in our world, a closer connection to all of life, LESS SEPARATION.
I love you. Thank you for who you are.
Love, Terces

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day SEVEN March

What a BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY and SUNNY morning!
So grateful for all of you. I noticed my thoughts today are, "let's keep going", so what I am going to do is add in one meal a day, and make that meal light, green, and mid day. I suggest you check in with your bodies about how you want to break your fast. Take it easy. DOn't jump into foods that are processed, or cooked right away. You are pretty cleaned out and full of sunshine and you don't want to dim that light!
Keep feeling yourself in ways that honors who you are! Keep taking your time to eat and enjoy every bite or sip. Keep your mind on things that inspire you and look around you and see all there already is in your life to be grateful for.
Remember to acknowledge the people in your life, your co workers, your partner, your family, your friends, all the people in the service industry who wait on you! Everyone, acknowledge them for being an expression of love, of the Divine, of God! Also include yourself in the acknowledgment and ask for acknowledgment leading the way for that being a practice in your communities.
You are love, you are loved, spread it around.
Lemon water is a great way to start everyday and if you are a tea or coffee drinker it will take the edge off of that habit!
Be sure there are lots of green foods in your diet and eat close to the earth!
Food, real food, is something that will grow if planted!
Thank you again for another great week together, I will continue to check the BLOG and to share and would love to continue to hear from you.
I so appreciate you being part of the HEALING OF LIFE ON THIS PLANET.
Love you dearly. Be gentle with yourself and others. Walk softly!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day SIX March

Yeah a beautiful Saturday morning.

Yesterday was a mixed day for me. We had our final interview for our personal assistant opening! While we are letting go of someone who has grown up and been with us for almost 6 years, and celebrating her new future... marriage and life in Hawaii, we are also looking for what/who is next. Well, the interview was wonderful and I was aware of so many new possibilities and at the same time aware of the disappointment of those who won't be offered the position. See, what I mean by a mixed day. Joy/Sadness, Opportunities/Losses, discomfort/comfort.... letting myself be with ALL OF IT. Not judging, not expecting, not waiting, just being.....
Went to 3D Alice in Wonderland, started thinking, "I don't remember Alice in Wonderland" like this. Had a few unconscious hand fulls of Organic, Himalayan salted popcorn (made in olive oil)..and a few conscious ones after those! Let myself be with it and didn't make myself wrong. More of my mixed experience of my day.
Woke up, after working most of the night in my mind on the company, our future and growth to a BIG raccoon in a trap we had set a couple days ago. Green juice was my choice this morning and it felt like drinking liquid sunshine for sure.
Welcome to day SIX, love yourself, forgive yourself and fill yourself with the best JUICES there are. Fresh, organic, and green whenever possible.
Celery with a bit of mint!
Have a great day, and welcome if you are new. Sign on and share.
Love, Terces

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day FIVE March

Good Morning,

Yeah, more sunshine, little tiny bits of it reflecting off the frost of the early morning as I walked around the farm. Melting dew drops, so BEAUTIFUL. I notice when I am cleaning out myself I see more BEAUTY everywhere and that includes in my own reflection. How about you? What is BEAUTIFUL through your eyes, looking out and looking inward? Share with me. BEAUTY comes out for us all to see and appreciate when we SHARE and ACKNOWLEDGE it! How else would we get present to it?
Thank you for being the BEAUTIFUL beings you are.
Last night was the 3rd Anniversary of the San Rafael Cafe Gratitude. What a great community they have built, what talent, what joy, so much dancing and singing and celebrating of life. I found myself thinking, "how can more people learn to see and enjoy what is right here, NOW?"
What do you enjoy about your life?
Thanks for continuing to honor your body, to honor the body of this AMAZING EARTH we all call HOME!
Today I had some grated tumeric, grated ginger with hot water and lemon! YUMMY especially sitting around the campfire.

Love you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day FOUR March, YIpee!

Good Sunshiny Morning!

I don't know what the weather is like where you are but here THE SUN IS OUT! I am always so amazed at the difference the SUN SHINNING makes in my experience of life. I can feel the SUN SHINNING inside me as well. There is a HAPPINESS, and sense of FULFILLMENT, a HUGE COMMITMENT to tasks that pulls me into action! I love this feeling.
Today is a BIG day. This is the 3rd year ANNIVERSARY of our San Rafael store and we are off to meetings all day and then to San Rafael to acknowledge and share with our employees, managers and customers. Who could you take on acknowledging today? I love shifting my attention to what is working, to what is happening that is making a difference, to all that there is to be grateful for! What are you grateful for today?
Celebrate life as you drink your juice, smoothies or teas. Put your attention on how MAGNIFICENT your life ALREADY is.
I, for one, am grateful for all of you.
Again, thanks for sharing where ever you are in this process, each share makes a BIG DIFFERENCE to me and to every one else who reads them. You never know when what you say, will impact an other. SO share your heart out today.

I love you, I celebrate you.
Love, Terces

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day THREE March

Hi Everyone,

I love that many more of you are sharing your experiences on this BLOG, thank you so much for that.
WOW, let's see... what am I present to today! My day started in a SWIRL... banking issues, breakdowns, sadness, frustration.... so many opportunities to express myself! I don't know how you are with upsets, but I definitely resist them, or avoid them, even though I know they are fertile ground for transformation. It is just that they seem to come on SO QUICKLY and often OUT OF NO WHERE and I am left reeling... if you know what I mean. So this morning I spoke up, expressed myself, said "NO" and requested that I be heard! I do feel better, clearer, it isn't that the issues went away, it is that I was heard and no can move on to what I can be responsible for and what I am committed to implementing. Or I could say, more empowered to deal with all the led to the breakdowns in the first place!
That said, where could you speak up?
I feel stronger today, did make some miso with hot water last night to drink around the fire while it poured down rain and was freezing! Jon, who is visiting the farm had some with me along with Lourdes, who lives here and is also JUICING and we all cherish that warm mug together!
I notice I sleep well, and awake early, before the rooster crows!
I feel sharper in dealing with issues and happy for all of you to share my life with.
Have a great day. Drink lots of water... I noticed yesterday in the rain, I didn't!
Love, Terces

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day Two March

Good Morning Everyone,

I would love to hear how you are all doing/being, even this early into the week. Your sharing makes a BIG DIFFERENCE, for me too.
I noticed mid way through Day One that I had a HEADACHE. I checked in with some of the folks who are also JUICING and they also had a headache, so I "made up" that we are powerfully detoxing! Yeah. The thing I keep reminding myself when I don't feel that great is, "it's working", "I am being cleaned out" and "THIS TOO SHALL PASS". Usually once I realize it won't last forever, it starts to fade. Remember to drink LOTS OF WATER and keep the toxins flushing through your system.
There are many women from our community whose first language is Spanish and Eva, our General Manager at Gracias Madre, is translating the daily emails for them, Thank you Eva. One of the women lives with us on the farm and we gave her a ride out tonight after our manager meeting and she was carrying bottles of FRESH JUICE with her! She is so proud of herself and I am so proud of her!
What can you say about your experience that empowers you? I would love to hear.
Any favorite recipes you want to share?
Love you all. Thanks again for being here with me.
Love, Terces