Friday, March 5, 2010

Day FIVE March

Good Morning,

Yeah, more sunshine, little tiny bits of it reflecting off the frost of the early morning as I walked around the farm. Melting dew drops, so BEAUTIFUL. I notice when I am cleaning out myself I see more BEAUTY everywhere and that includes in my own reflection. How about you? What is BEAUTIFUL through your eyes, looking out and looking inward? Share with me. BEAUTY comes out for us all to see and appreciate when we SHARE and ACKNOWLEDGE it! How else would we get present to it?
Thank you for being the BEAUTIFUL beings you are.
Last night was the 3rd Anniversary of the San Rafael Cafe Gratitude. What a great community they have built, what talent, what joy, so much dancing and singing and celebrating of life. I found myself thinking, "how can more people learn to see and enjoy what is right here, NOW?"
What do you enjoy about your life?
Thanks for continuing to honor your body, to honor the body of this AMAZING EARTH we all call HOME!
Today I had some grated tumeric, grated ginger with hot water and lemon! YUMMY especially sitting around the campfire.

Love you.


Laurie said...

I notice that when I am on a juice fast my yoga feels much lighter and I can go much deeper into the poses with less effort.
I feel great today!

Sarah said...

I feel fabulous too! Quick recipe to share.

Banana Nut Smoothie

1 banana
1 cup almond milk
1 cup water
4 ice cubes
2 tablespoons nut butter

Blend and enjoy! Hope everyone is feeling peaceful today. :)

claire said...

Terces, it is interesting that you mentioned beauty in your blog today. I just sat down with a bowl of warm vegetable blender soup and a cup of tea. As I was "cooking," I thought, "this week has been about color, choosing colors for walls and choosing colors to eat." It has been satisfying.

My observations this week have been interesting. Walking down the city streets and cooking for my family, I noticed smells of food that triggered my stomach, but more importantly triggered memories and emotions. What I saw sometimes did too - The Girl Scout Cookies are here! In my previous blog, I wrote that my relationship to food is my relationship to myself.

If I "take away" the food, who am I? If I "take away" the food, will I still have community, satisfaction, expression. What do I fear I will lose by relaxing my grip on food and eating? Memories, emotion and connection, sensuality, fun.

Relaxing through the fears helps. I realize that I am not missing anything. If I smell something I am not going to eat and I have a memory or sensation, I have just had an experience in that moment.

I have memories, emotion, connection, sensuality and fun within me. I remember and am memorable, I feel, I connect, I am sensual, I am fun.

This is fun!

Hawaii Dreamer said...

Hi everyone,
Day 5: I drank a mixed green veggie juice and it bothered my stomach. This has happen before.

Upon reviewing recipes on the blog and elsewhere I realized that everyone's smoothies included some fruit and /or nut milk. I added an apple to my green juice and that seemed to help. Also added Twin Labs Brewer's yeast.

Since I'm rather new at this, it's quite a learning experience. I was using all veggies in my juicing as I had read that it was best to eat veggies and fruit separate.

Day 6: Today I am going to make a raw soup from the link provide yesterday.

I find beauty in my granddaughter's smile. I also find beauty in the big sky of Texas, where I am staying until I depart for Hawaii.

Thanks everyone

Terces Engelhart said...

Let's see, I too feel so much lighter in yoga when juicing, actually lighter in my whole life, even my thoughts seem to keep be uplifted. Instead of thinking, and I do get the awakening of those thoughts, about who you are without food, consider who you are with healthy, nourishing, sunlight filled foods! That is a great question to ponder. Living with 4 people from Mexico who are used to a daily and meat diet and very little if any organics, it is so fulfilling to watch their transformation to a vegan organic diet. I stay inspired when I see the transformation in others, it is so much easier that seeing it in myself.
I don't recommend always having fruit, almond milk, etc in drinks. My preference is green juice, it may be the pulp that is bothering you, and if you are new at this I would definitely included some digestion enzymes to assist your digestion process. Keep your mixtures simple, so as not to combine too much at one time. Also drink slowly and enjoy yourself.
Love, T
Thanks so much for sharing!

Laurie said...

Hawaii dreamer if you are doing juice and have a nut bag strainer it can help to put it through that. I can get an upset stomach if I don't do that, it gets the rest of the pulp out.
Also the soup from yesterdays recipes was the BEST soup. My whole family asked for more.

Breality said...

Last months juice club inspired me to try a raw alkaline juice cleanse and I have been green juicing every day since. I an happy to announce that I am feeling more alive than ever before in this lifetime! My friends, co-workers and even strangers keep saying I have a "glow" about me. I feel clear, present and blessed by all the beauty that surrounds me as well as the beauty that lives within me. Thanks for the inspiration