Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day SEVEN March

What a BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY and SUNNY morning!
So grateful for all of you. I noticed my thoughts today are, "let's keep going", so what I am going to do is add in one meal a day, and make that meal light, green, and mid day. I suggest you check in with your bodies about how you want to break your fast. Take it easy. DOn't jump into foods that are processed, or cooked right away. You are pretty cleaned out and full of sunshine and you don't want to dim that light!
Keep feeling yourself in ways that honors who you are! Keep taking your time to eat and enjoy every bite or sip. Keep your mind on things that inspire you and look around you and see all there already is in your life to be grateful for.
Remember to acknowledge the people in your life, your co workers, your partner, your family, your friends, all the people in the service industry who wait on you! Everyone, acknowledge them for being an expression of love, of the Divine, of God! Also include yourself in the acknowledgment and ask for acknowledgment leading the way for that being a practice in your communities.
You are love, you are loved, spread it around.
Lemon water is a great way to start everyday and if you are a tea or coffee drinker it will take the edge off of that habit!
Be sure there are lots of green foods in your diet and eat close to the earth!
Food, real food, is something that will grow if planted!
Thank you again for another great week together, I will continue to check the BLOG and to share and would love to continue to hear from you.
I so appreciate you being part of the HEALING OF LIFE ON THIS PLANET.
Love you dearly. Be gentle with yourself and others. Walk softly!


Claire said...

Thank you Terces for this opportunity. It has been an extremely valuable experience. I don't think I could have done it without a community and your honest, wise, uplifting support.

Last night I was thinking about how I will move into solid foods. What came up was I want to keep going and I am ready for food. My body is very happy with the green drinks; they sustain me well and at the same time my body needs solid food. I thought maybe a meal a day at lunch for a while.

Today I have a lunch board meeting and will be bringing my lunch in case the food is not what I can eat today.

I am buoyed by the fact that we will again be juicing in three weeks or so. It keeps the support going.

Best, Claire

Laurie said...

I want to share a profound realization that happened during this fast. The first evening I ate a handful of nuts and felt like "I blew it" I was going to give up and start over next month. Then I read something that you wrote Terces about not making yourself wrong and about noticing our choices. As soon as I got it that it was a choice I made and not something "out there" that made me do it, I felt more empowered. So I choose to continue the fast. Each night I would eat apple, handful of nuts, avocado or even a raw chocolate ball. Each time I would just pay attention to the feeling that I failed and make a choice to juice fast the next day. The morning and afternoons are easy for me but what I realized is that I emotional eat at night, I get that feeling of I have got to crunch on something. Since I eat 95% or more raw I can eat all the time so its possible I would not have seen this had it not been for this unfolding during this juice fast. From now on in the evening I will be more conscious about my eating in a whole new way.
There really is a gift in just about everything even if not evident at first.

Thank you for putting this on and for everyone who is doing it, your collective energy is inspiring.

Sarah said...

Fabulous experience... life changing for me. Looking forward to next month and like claire said, I think I will continue on as well. It feels too good to just stop. :)

Terces Engelhart said...


I so appreciate all of you. Keep on sharing. It is good nourishment for us all. It is interesting to hear that I make a difference, cause I am just like you, and often not aware or even doubt that I am doing enough. So thanks for the opportunity to share with you and I do hear and appreciate your acknowledgment. Watched the Oscars at our daughters house tonight with family, and noticed how I am not even "hungry" or interested in the snack foods that are so common in our culture. Sprouts and Kale are much more appealing, I LOVE THAT awareness.
Love to you all, see you next month to continue the practice of sustaining over time healthy habits!
Love, T

Hawaii Dreamer said...

Thanks Terces, Laurie , Sarah and all that have shared this experience.

I, like Claire, could not have done this without you all sharing your thoughts, experiences and recipes, it made the difference.

I did eat brown rice several days during the fast, but feel OK about it. Thanks Laurie for reminding me about eating being a choice verses "something made me do it".

I am happy and grateful that I was able to participate and rejoice that I was able to consume all that sunshine.

Thanks to you Terces for showing us the way to bring more light into our lives. I see myself now choosing live food for meals and snacks over mass produced, processed food.

Now that I know how to make raw soup and smoothies I am empowered for next month. So count me in.
Love, light and peace

Terces Engelhart said...

Good Morning on the Morning After....
Well,while I could eat this morning, for the first time, I didn't really feel like, WOW, it is over, I can eat now... instead, as I mentioned earlier, I am going to slowly add in what my body wants, and what it wanted this morning was JUICE! I was grateful when I picked up the French press on the farm table this morning that it was already empty, as I didn't really want it either. SO I poured a little tea and totally enjoyed its warmth as I sat around the fire pit with the north wind blowing through our circle.
So TAKE IT EASY, TAKE IT SLOWLY, trust your SELF, that wise, inner guide you have that INTUITS what is BEST FOR YOUR HEALTH!
STAY GREEN, that isn't just a good outlook for the environmental footprint we leave it is good advice for what we consume as well, in all ways, even consumption as in EATING!
Love you all.
I' will continue to share if you want to check in from time to time.
Love, Terces

Laurie said...

Today is the day after and so far I have only had juice and an apple, my body just craves it. I love celery, kale, wheatgrass and LEMON...the lemons make it so good, like green lemonade.

Already looking foward to next month