Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day THREE March

Hi Everyone,

I love that many more of you are sharing your experiences on this BLOG, thank you so much for that.
WOW, let's see... what am I present to today! My day started in a SWIRL... banking issues, breakdowns, sadness, frustration.... so many opportunities to express myself! I don't know how you are with upsets, but I definitely resist them, or avoid them, even though I know they are fertile ground for transformation. It is just that they seem to come on SO QUICKLY and often OUT OF NO WHERE and I am left reeling... if you know what I mean. So this morning I spoke up, expressed myself, said "NO" and requested that I be heard! I do feel better, clearer, it isn't that the issues went away, it is that I was heard and no can move on to what I can be responsible for and what I am committed to implementing. Or I could say, more empowered to deal with all the led to the breakdowns in the first place!
That said, where could you speak up?
I feel stronger today, did make some miso with hot water last night to drink around the fire while it poured down rain and was freezing! Jon, who is visiting the farm had some with me along with Lourdes, who lives here and is also JUICING and we all cherish that warm mug together!
I notice I sleep well, and awake early, before the rooster crows!
I feel sharper in dealing with issues and happy for all of you to share my life with.
Have a great day. Drink lots of water... I noticed yesterday in the rain, I didn't!
Love, Terces


jennifer mcmullen said...

I've been really busy with work and personal stuff this week, so haven't posted on the blog. Thank you to all who are. Your support is tremendous. Enjoying the ups and downs of the cleansing journey--those moments of clarity and calm along with those moments of, why again am i doing this? LOL! Having done the cleanse before helps because I know that any resistance will pass, especially when I remind myself that I chose to do this for my health and well being and to connect more deeply with my heart. Had a raw soup for lunch today... 2 zucchini, 2 celery stalks, 1 avocado, 1 clove garlic, 2 Tb. lemon juice, 2 tsp. miso, 1 cup of water (hot) blended then add 2 Tb. olive oil and 2 tsp. dried dill.

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Jennifer,
I question myself too, all the time, and like you remind my ego, which is doing all the questioning why I am taking this on! It is a great experience to hear the doubt, confusion, fear, etc and not give into it. Thanks for sharing with us.
Love, T

Claire said...

For some reason yesterday I couldn't get onto the blog. Glad to be back!

The emotions do come up and down. As I process using the Enneagram I realize as a Type Four this is not unexpected. There are moments in these past few days of relative calm and then internal chaos. Stepping back I can see that I am overwhelmed with how to juggle eating life after the cleanse. My relationship to food is my relationship to myself. More later have to drive my son to school.

Terces Engelhart said...

WOW, so great to see that "our relationship" to anything is "our relationship" to every thing!
Great reminder! Thank you for sharing.
Love, T

Roseanna said...

Hi Terces, Roseanna here. Am really glad to be a part of your juice club and have shared the emails to my daughters in Europe! I had the headache the second day, and notice I am liking my body more and enjoying the drinks. Yesterday I had I AM Fruitful..YUMMY! This morning in a daze I mistakenly put all the ingredients from yesterdays two recipes together! It tastes all right. Kind of a challenge getting up and making 4 drinks and then going to work. Love your support. Thank you so much for giving me this boost to my health, Roseanna

Suzanne said...

Hi Everyone, Friday and Day 5 together! Feels great! It IS a challenge, Roseanna, to make all those drinks before leaving for the day, but it is worth it. ( ;

My fave juice today was a few celery stalks, 1/2 a cuc, 2 handfuls of spinach, handful of parsley, a granny smith and a inch of ginger. yum.

I may give a room temp. version of Sarah's Breakfast Mint Chocolate Smoothie a try...I am a bit of a purist and am hesitant to mix Kale and Romaine with Cacao and Banana- in a blender no less. hmmm. And the ice will definitely not work for me- but this recipe sure is interesting.

to all a juicy night...