Saturday, February 28, 2009


On Friday Matthew and I introduced a group of leaders from the museum and aquarium world to our version of acknowledgment. I was so inspired when one of them raised her hand and said, "That was harder than I thought, I realize that I rarely experience being acknowledged and I have never asked to be." How wonderful that in just 20 minutes we could invite a room full of CEO's, Managers, Presidents, and Directors to take back to their families, their communities and their businesses the power of acknowledgment.
Remember acknowledgement as we share about it is not evidence based, it is not acknowledging someone for anything they did, there need be no evidence. Acknowledgment for us is calling forth a quality, eliciting that quality by acknowledging it, with no evidence. This is an opportunity to create your community, to bring out the best in one another. To acknowledge who you know they are.

What would you love to be acknowledged for?

Love, Terces

Friday, February 20, 2009

Expanding Abundance to Rainbow Grocery

Rainbow Grocery (on 13th street and Folsom in San Francisco) is an amazing organic, sustainable and radically fantastic co-opp.

They are now carrying I am Magnificent!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's "Monday Night Live!"

Have you come to the new Healdsburg Cafe yet? Every Monday night our partner in conscious lifestyles, Shea Lynn Baird has an phenomenal community leader come to the Healdsburg Cafe in the Olive Leaf to speak on the topic of the week! If you haven't checked out Healdsburg yet, this is the place to be! Shea has a complete list of the speakers coming to the Cafe, bios for the speakers and then photos and videos of the events sometimes only a week after the event!

We encourage you to connect with the community, explore the unknown and enjoy an evening with us!