Tuesday, December 6, 2011


One thing about December for me is it always passes so quickly.
I love that I was able to stay on the farm all day, it definitely makes it easier to juice when my schedule isn't so full or varied.
For those of you who don't like wheatgrass, try mixing it with grapefruit juice and sparkling water!
Also green supplement powder can be mixed easily into lots of juice.
The Happy Herbalist is a great resource for Kombucha and more... Check him out on line!
remember to get plenty of fresh air and exercise and surround your self with positive music, books and conversations especially when you are juicing and your heart is so open and receptive!
Be kind to yourself andothers. SLOW down and enjoy every moment!
I am so grateful for juice and YOU!


December continues...

How are you feeling?
I notice how much better I feel when I juice. When I find myself hungry I
Make another juice and or have a glass of water. My favorite quick drink is homemade
Kombucha with vita mineral green powder added. I always experience a pick me up in
Energy and any hunger subsides.
Wheatgrass continues to be a magical addition to my diet, even though many days
I resist it.
if you have any gum issues it is a wonderful and healing mouth wash, just swish for several minutes and then spit out.
Thank you all for sharing with me.

I love you

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Good Evening,

Had a great early start to my day on the farm before heading to San Francisco to lead our Community Building workshop.
Started with hot lemon water and then tea, lots of water and green juice and then a salad for lunch. Just felt like I needed more energy and hadn't planned well enough ahead. continued to have lots of water and actually felt great the remainder of the day.

I have green juice set up for tomorrow, Yeah!

I am grateful for this on line community. Thank you for being here.

Love, Terces

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day ONE December

Yeah, Many of you may know that our Mission is under attack! however we are still here playing full out!
JUICING is a way to stay clear,present, empowered and alive!
this afternoon our calf was born, we are naming him UNO, born on the first of December!
I am grateful for each of you and thank you for making your lives about staying healthy and being loving!
Look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

Love, Terces