Tuesday, December 6, 2011


One thing about December for me is it always passes so quickly.
I love that I was able to stay on the farm all day, it definitely makes it easier to juice when my schedule isn't so full or varied.
For those of you who don't like wheatgrass, try mixing it with grapefruit juice and sparkling water!
Also green supplement powder can be mixed easily into lots of juice.
The Happy Herbalist is a great resource for Kombucha and more... Check him out on line!
remember to get plenty of fresh air and exercise and surround your self with positive music, books and conversations especially when you are juicing and your heart is so open and receptive!
Be kind to yourself andothers. SLOW down and enjoy every moment!
I am so grateful for juice and YOU!


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kris said...

:D You have made me so happy!!! I think kombucha-making is my next venture! The Happy Herbalist site looks great. I didn't realize it healed stomach and phlegm issues, both of which I have. I had exhausted all avenues of healing my acid reflux and was about to go see a doctor and take conventional medicines. I will definitely try kombucha on a regular basis. And I forget to put the green powders in my juices when I don't use greens. I'll remember to do that today. And thanks for the tip on wheatgrass. I'll grow my own next month and try it that way.

Yesterday I had a some pretty major stomach pains after I drank an orange juice blend for lunch. I had forgotten that this blend was hard on my stomach. After having it ache for hours, I inutitively knew that eating a solid food with wheat would be good. So I made a veggie wrap for dinner. It took the pain away. I chose not to feel guilty about it. Every time guilt arose in my head, I told my head, "Head, I did what was right for my body, so you can let it go." It worked! :D

Thanks for all the suggestions Terces and I am so grateful for life, love, beauty, this juice fast, Terces and Jean :D