Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here we GO again, Welcome to month 3!

Hi Everyone,
While it is still Sunday evening i thought I would start a bit early and welcome everyone on board this month. There are now over 350 of us JUICING together! Yeah!
I am so looking forward to sharing with you all this month and mostly having YOU SHARE WITH ME. Pleas sign on and share, no matter what your experience is... all experiences make a difference!
I am looking forward to JUICING and CONNECTING and LETTING GO of anything that no longer serves me!
Thank you again for taking on your health in this way! I am SO PROUD of you all.
No matter how many days you make it JUICING, no matter what you think is GOOD or not, YOU MATTER to me!
Love you. Terces
See you tomorrow morning, BRIGHT and EARLY!

Monday, February 8, 2010



I am in Maui, preparing for our workshop and present to the miracle of you, of us, of life, of cleansing. I am ON FIRE and lit up by the possibilities that I can now see so much more clearly. I am clear of my path, for now, which wasn't so clear before this months JUICE CLUB and I am experiencing more health and love. I am so grateful for all of you joining me and invite you back next month. No matter what your experience was COME BACK. It is the consistency of time that makes all the difference, I see that now.
SO, share with me your experience, where you got stopped, where you broke through and what you want to be acknowledged for?
Ease back into solid food, stay with raw, fresh, local and for sure ORGANIC. You do not want to put in toxins that your body just worked at letting go of.
Be kind to yourself and others and know that whatever is happening in your life right now, you are being cultured to expand your capacity to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY more often.

I Love You.

Love, Terces

See you next month... I do check this post often so you can always share here with me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day SEVEN of February


We are off to Maui in an hour to lead our Kindred Spirit workshop so I am up early writing before we go. I want to THANK YOU all for sharing this week with me. I feel GREAT and so empowered in the face of MASSIVE CHANGE in our company and lives. So what I want to share today is really about supporting you/me in seeing how it is UP TO US/ME how we/I want to hold ANY situation that creates what experience we are having. So where in your life are you challenged right NOW? How could you take those exact same CIRCUMSTANCES and create an opening, A NEW POSSIBILITY, for yourself?
This is the practice we are so passionate about at Cafe Gratitude. It is a great practice, and certainly empowers me in all areas of my life.
Last night we met up with the crew from the farm at Gracias Madre (our newest Organic (vegan) Mexican restaurant in the Mission and it was PACKED and beautiful.
Fortunately Chandra, our District Manager, had ordered in some GREEN JUICE for me and I thought I might have a small salad. It was so interesting, the salad just did not taste good and so I chose not to eat it! Amazing that I make up I wasn't ready yet. While I feel complete with the JUICING and have finished the 5 day Liver Cleanse I was on (this week as well), food just had no appeal yet.
That said, TAKE IT EASY, easing back into solid food is an important part of BREAKING your JUICE CLUB week. Chew your food slowly and into a near liquid form before you swallow. Stay GREEN, eat those foods that are FULL OF LIGHT.
Be good to yourself.
Acknowledge yourself and all those you come into contact with.
Praise yourself fully.
Have a beautiful day today and know YOU ARE LOVE!
Love, Terces

P.S. I would love more of you to share on the BLOG about your experience. I will continue to BLOG for a while and check it daily!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our SIXTH day together.

Hi Everyone,
I actually have no idea how many of you are reading the BLOG, I do wish more of you would share, our connection makes such a differnce. Yesterday, Joga Journal, called and interviewed me on JUICING, how great was that, and she had been reading this BLOG. So for all of you out there, how are you? What is your experience on Day Six. Do you feel clearer, more grounded, focused, happy, connected to your Divine Self? I can so watch my mind today. I was just sharing with my husband how my thoughts will become distracted from love/oneness and take me down a tunnel of distrust and destruction. Actually it could be a valid view, with plenty of evidence. Gratefully, I am able to watch my mind, notice the impact of THOSE thoughts and return to Gratitude, Love, Kindness, and Trust, with just as much evidence for this view.
In my interview she asked me about my yoga practice, I shared I practice every night for 30 -45 minutes. I want to share that when I am juicing I notice I am more flexible, more centered in my practice, there is less chatter all together. I wouldn't miss that time for anything.
I am truer to my commitments, and that feels so good.
What are you committed to?
I am committed to courageously expressing LOVE in the world.
Have a beautiful Day today.
Love, Terces

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our FIFTH day together in FEBRUARY

What a beautiful morning... it rained all night here on the farm and this morning it started clearing up. While there are plenty of puddles to walk through the air is warmer and the sky whitish blue. I was able to take off my jacket while doing the farm chores, first time this winter for that.
Last night I was awake a good bit of the night, "talking with God" as I call it. So much clarity shows up in the quiet of the night, usually in middle of my JUICING week. I love this part. I am reminded of deeper opportunities to express love, to connect with the people in my life. I am shown how fortunate I am and how gracious of a woman I am... when sometimes I can be hard on myself.
So today I encourage all of us to look for opportunities to express your love and appreciation, to create those opportunities no matter how busy you might be. There is always time for MORE LOVE. What else are we doing with our lives?
Who could you open your hear to today?
Keep caring for yourself, drink plenty of fresh water and look around you and see just how much you already have to be grateful for.
Love you so much,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day FOUR February

Good Morning Sunshine,

I was so happy to see the sun shining this morning, finally took the "rain weather" duvet cover off our bed for the wash today.... wasn't worth washing until there was a break in the rain, as the dogs paws simply can't be dried enough!
I also notice that internally my sun is shining also....I feel GREAT! Clear, empowered, energized, happy.. even though there are certainly circumstances in my life at this time that would have my attention focus elsewhere. I love that power, the power to create my experience and I notice I am MORE powerful when I am JUICING. There is simply a clarity of focus that is not as obvious when I am eating solid food.
I also notice that this month I am NOT HUNGRY, I am not thinking about when is this going to end, I am present to my life, right NOW.
How are you today? What is your experience?
I am so grateful you are all there, I can feel your presence and so appreciate your partnership.

Much love, Terces

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day THREE February

Good Morning JUICERS!
"How are you today?" Another way of saying that is "What are you creating your experience as?" Good medicine for myself today, yesterday afternoon I started realizing I was getting a head ache, I could feel my energy going deeper inside myself. I wanted to lay down and rest and yet I had so many things to get done. The more I resisted the worse the headache got. Soon, it was if I had no choice, my body took over and demanded that I rest. Once I did, I felt peaceful, had some amazing insights, felt more connected and joyous. I still had the headache, however realized that I could make that mean that my cleanse was working perfectly, that toxins were being released and this is what life looks like when it is working! Matthew, my husband, soon joined me for a nap, he too had a headache and tried to push past it while planting trees and soon realized that resting was what his body wanted also.
SO, I am sharing this to remind us all to trust our process, no matter what is on our TO DO list. Listen, there are powerful messages being communicated to you from the most powerful source... your inner guidance.
Trust your SELF!
Practice that all day today!
Love, Terces

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day TWO February

Good Morning everyone.

Well, again I notice how much I LOVE CLEANSING. There is such a profound connection just the other side of filling myself with food, that I love.
This past week I was having lunch with John Mackey, of Whole Foods and he was sharing how powerful his experience is of JUICING... the peace, the quiet, the experience of the Divine... pretty sweet and juicy for sure.
Be kind to yourself today. I will post some Juice recipes I found.. and remember you can make whatever you love into a juice and call it your own recipe!
Sprouts blend up well and add lots of energy and sunlight!
Thanks for joining this BLOG and sharing, it makes a big difference for us all.
For advanced JUICERS you can always use this first week of the month to CLEANSE something specific. I am doing a Gall bladder, Liver cleanse as we speak and while a bit resistant, noticing that I am excited at the prospect off taking on an additional level of clarity.
Have a wonderful day and know you are connected to so many others who are purifying themselves with you.
Love, Terces

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day ONE February

Hi Everyone,

I just walked into our Central Kitchen off our flight returning from Kansas City where we led our Kindred Spirit workshop all weekend. I am so happy to be home and had JUICE awaiting my arrival. I started with Green juice (I AM Healthy) with an avocado and jalapeno pepper blended in and WOW did it taste wonderful! I noticed my thoughts on the flight home, how peaceful it feels to be JUICING and how much I look forward to OUR CONNECTION throughout the week. Thank you for that.
I can already feel the additional health from JUICING one week a month, (I first started in September for my birthday)so I encourage all of you to keep on going. I can't wait to hear about the clarity, the enthusiasm, the energy, and the love that you have access to experiencing.
You can heal and empower your body through JUICING!
So drink lots of fresh water and keep your thoughts on things that inspire you.
YOU ARE AMAZING. I am so grateful to be sharing this time with you.
Please join our BLOG on our website and share with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Terces