Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our SIXTH day together.

Hi Everyone,
I actually have no idea how many of you are reading the BLOG, I do wish more of you would share, our connection makes such a differnce. Yesterday, Joga Journal, called and interviewed me on JUICING, how great was that, and she had been reading this BLOG. So for all of you out there, how are you? What is your experience on Day Six. Do you feel clearer, more grounded, focused, happy, connected to your Divine Self? I can so watch my mind today. I was just sharing with my husband how my thoughts will become distracted from love/oneness and take me down a tunnel of distrust and destruction. Actually it could be a valid view, with plenty of evidence. Gratefully, I am able to watch my mind, notice the impact of THOSE thoughts and return to Gratitude, Love, Kindness, and Trust, with just as much evidence for this view.
In my interview she asked me about my yoga practice, I shared I practice every night for 30 -45 minutes. I want to share that when I am juicing I notice I am more flexible, more centered in my practice, there is less chatter all together. I wouldn't miss that time for anything.
I am truer to my commitments, and that feels so good.
What are you committed to?
I am committed to courageously expressing LOVE in the world.
Have a beautiful Day today.
Love, Terces


jennifer mcmullen said...

Hello everybody,

I am committed to keeping my heart open in all situations while living in the world.

Yesterday, Day 5, was the hardest day for me. I woke up cranky and could feel the detox through my emotions. I'm not even sure what was letting go, but something was on its way out and my emotions were letting me know. I allowed myself to feel all of the ups and downs without judgement or worry. I practiced loving-kindness to myself, which I'm sure my husband was grateful for (lol!).

This morning I woke up feeling joyful. I sprung out of bed and onto my meditation cushion, followed by the yoga mat. I then went for a massage... ah, this felt so good after so many days of cleansing.

Terces, thank you for sharing all that you do. You are an inpiration. I made your other two recipes you posted a few days back and they were scrumptious.

With love,

Terces Engelhart said...

Thank you Jennifer, I so feel your partnership and am filled with gratitude. Love, Terces