Monday, May 31, 2010

DAY ONE here we go again....

Good Morning Juicers,

I don't know about you but I have been looking forward to this week. I would feel however I was feeling and find myself thinking, "Pretty soon I will be feeling BETTER! I love the way JUICING FEELS! I LOVE THE CLARITY, even though I know it takes a day or so to sink fully into it and it takes a week or so when the week ends to ease back into eating and then I start to feel like it is time to JUICE again and there are usually just a couple days before the beginning of the month! Yeah.
Thank you all for being here. I am so looking forward to sharing with you and to you sharing with me, please do!
I can see how this plan of JUICING once a month is balancing out my diet, my life. I am more in touch. What is your experience.
Remember if you are new to this to take it easy, enjoy yourself, and remember to drink lots of water, especially now that the weather is warmer.
I love you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7 May

Hi Loves,

Well this might be the FASTEST week yet, I really don't experience any ending and I realize I simply need to start adding in some food, slowly, good food, healthy food... and this weekend I am gathering with all my "daughters" and it will be a perfect time to share with them. I love the clarity, energy, ability to complete things, positive self thoughts, expansion of time... that I experience when juicing and I realize that there is another week in another month.... and the balance of it all.
We live such a full life, the week of JUICING allows me to be clearer, experience a stronger connection to the Divine, Beloved....
Thank you all for joining in here, there are close to 700 of us around the world! Let yourself breathe in the connection to them all....
Remember to ease into food, drink lots of water, keep your juice intake high and stick to green plant based foods....
Attend to your thoughts, let them be kind, loving, inclusive, peaceful.... share time with those you love and treat yourself with love as well.
Keep on sharing here, I will stay in touch and look forward to sharing more with you all next month. Run, dance, swim, walk, ride bikes and hold hands.
Love you all.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 6 May

HI Everyone,

Thank you so much for being here. I feel so good, I notice that it is nearly effortless. I love the feeling of being light, clear, focused and I can't believe how much I accomplish in a day with no struggle! How about you? What is your experience, I would love to know.
Today I was noticing how easy it is to prepare the meals when I am not eating. I enjoy it. We picked strawberries today and I put several large bags in the freezer to use later.... and save some out for a smoothie tomorrow!
I started thinking about how I am going to break this week of JUICING as all my "daughters" are coming to the farm for some time together this weekend. Mostly I want to continue to be this present, this clear, this quiet in my mind... I love the connection and peacefulness I feel.
Share when you get a moment, I love hearing how others are doing.
I have been swimming the last few days and it feels so good to be back in a pool after the winter months... alittle sunshine always warms my heart.
Green juice is still my favorite.... and of course wheatgrass.... which I had 4 ounces of today.
Love you all.

Day 5 May

Good Morning,

So many flowers, so many birds, and I notice I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.... yeah for Spring! I love the clearing away of spider webs, dust, the winter chill... the sun is out. Check in with yourself are you clear? If not, what do you need to say, who do you need to be in communication with, what can you take responsibility for? Keep yourself clear, there is so much you can take on, such a big difference you can make and it will all happen effortlessly if you are clear.
Thank you for taking this on, thank you for nourishing yourself, thank you for being someone who makes a difference starting with your own health and well being.
You are incredible and I am grateful for YOU.
Drink lots of fresh water, juice and herbal tea for the quiet moments when you sit and reflect.
Love you. Terces

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DAY 4 May

Good Morning,

Finally a break in an over full, exciting schedule! We are on the farm all day and I am SO HAPPY. I also feel clear, I awake bright and ready to go. I am noticing that this is no longer a seven day program but a lifestyle. I simply don't want foods that don't serve or nourish me. My body is loving the juice, especially all the versions of GREEN. I am putting SPROUTS in my juicing for an extra BLAST of SUNSHINE. Yesterday I mixed some strawberries, sprouts and grapefruit juice and LOVED IT. I also made a drink with coconut milk (made fresh), avocado, lemon and chili! YUM too.
Be creative, don't worry about is this ok or good, simply listen to your bodies and mix to please and fulfill. Drink PLENTY, don't make this a DIET, keep yourself nourished and satisfied. TRUST YOURSELF!
Remember you are BEAUTIFUL and DESERVING.
Share here so everyone can connect and learn from one another!

Love you all.
Enjoy your day.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi Everyone,

I was unable to BLOG yesterday as Google changed the format necessary and I needed our IT person to set it up for me... so I apologize and here I AM NOW!

WOW the workshop in LA was miraculous, I was so present to how ready people are for AWAKENING! How are you all today? I notice that I need to take in more nutrition, after several months of JUICING ONE WEEK a month I can see that my body is asking me for MORE ENERGY in the form of JUICE. So I started with COCONUT WATER today, a great start that really feeds my body! I am also adding in some avocado today for extra energy.

I encourage you to try a colonic if you never have, it is a great addition to JUICING. THere is an OPEN SYSTEM that is really great, peaceful, self monitored and healing.

Be sure to take in plenty of WATER and REST.... take good care of yourself and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Be Kind to yourself, Love yourself, Be loving... that is the only way you can really be PRESENT and GIVE and RECEIVE LOVE! Don't miss out on that party!

I love you. I am proud of you.

Love Terces

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Congratulations on another month of JUICING. How do you feel? Yesterday we went to Whole Foods in Santa Monica and bought produce and they JUICED it for us! WOW, what a treat for a traveling band of JUICE CLUB members!
I also had some grilled veggies and soup when we went out to dinner with a whole crew from the LA workshop! While I felt guilty for a moment, I surrendered to the moment and chewed them into near liquid! I also encourage all of you to make your choices and then empower the choice you make! Making yourself wrong is only more of the diminishing treatment many of us have inflicted on ourselves for years, so give that one up! Love yourself, in all ways, eat great food, exercise, rest, bathe, dance, sing, jump for joy and enjoy your life!

Our workshop is incredible and the sharing touching, Los Angeles is ready for an even deeper heart opening!

Love you all.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Yeah, here we are in May JUICING together for the first day! WE are in Los Angeles for our Kindred Spirit workshop, after our first LA showing of May I Be Frank last night with over 200 people! This weekend is the start of building a community here and supporting all the folks down here in being that they are the source of their experience, whatever experience they are having!
So, thank you, for being here with me, JUICING and clearing the way for new ideas, thoughts and openings.
Remember you are part of a community so REACH OUT, join this BLOG and share, share, share.
I can get stuck in thoughts of "this isn't convenient this month, traveling, leading a workshop, being a guest in other peoples homes..." you get the idea and then there is JUICE TO DRINK! So don't let yourself get stopped, don't let your mind talk you out of it, simply cut up the fruits and veggies and JUICE THEM, then sit and ENJOY and BE GRATEFUL for the POWER of your word, and the nutrition that is rushing through your body supporting you in BEING all you truly are, LOVE!

Love you all.