Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DAY 4 May

Good Morning,

Finally a break in an over full, exciting schedule! We are on the farm all day and I am SO HAPPY. I also feel clear, I awake bright and ready to go. I am noticing that this is no longer a seven day program but a lifestyle. I simply don't want foods that don't serve or nourish me. My body is loving the juice, especially all the versions of GREEN. I am putting SPROUTS in my juicing for an extra BLAST of SUNSHINE. Yesterday I mixed some strawberries, sprouts and grapefruit juice and LOVED IT. I also made a drink with coconut milk (made fresh), avocado, lemon and chili! YUM too.
Be creative, don't worry about is this ok or good, simply listen to your bodies and mix to please and fulfill. Drink PLENTY, don't make this a DIET, keep yourself nourished and satisfied. TRUST YOURSELF!
Remember you are BEAUTIFUL and DESERVING.
Share here so everyone can connect and learn from one another!

Love you all.
Enjoy your day.


Leslie B. said...

I love reading what you write Terces. We were at the workshop in LA this weekend and it couldn't have come at a better time. I truly believe we were meant to be there. I am going through some very strong changes in my life and I really need the encouragement and presence of unconditional love in my life right now. Thank you for this weekend and for letting me see the possibilites in my life. Leslie

Serena said...

This isn't hard like I imagined it might be. In fact, every day seems better. I certainly don't feel deprived and I'm not hungry. Perhaps that's because I stocked up on a variety of fruits and veggies before starting. Planning ahead is vital to success. Yes, I have "cheated" a little, but it's all good. The green drinks seem to be my favorite--a big surprise.

Thanks to Terces and all the gang for inspiration and encouragement. Those daily emails keep me inspired to continue.
With love,

scorpioyogagirl said...

I returned home from the LA workshop at 1:30 am this morning. So grateful to be a part of the Cafe Gratitude family (despite living across the country). Spent the afternoon with my little ones planting their own little gardens and we all celebrated with raw cacao shakes! Frozen banana, homemade raw almond milk, date, vanilla, raw cacao powder, Maca Spice. A treat!!! I too have found my regular food intake shifting. During the 3 weeks a month where we are not juicing... I end up having only one or two solid meals... the rest seems to be juices and smoothies and soups. I wonder if it will last? Love you all,

Terces Engelhart said...

Thank you all for sharing. Loved seeing you in LA also, I too, notice that I simply don't need the quantity of food that perhaps was simply habitual or feeding some other aspect of myself.
Thank you all. Love, Terces

Erin said...

What a JOY to be part of this wonderful, supportive community of co-cleansers!

Before I say anything else, I just have to say THANK YOU again, Terces, to you and Matthew for coming to L.A. and co-creating such an incredible space for transformation to occur. It was TRULY a blessing to watch the participants who have never been to a Cafe Gratitude event begin to radiate the light of possibility and love. The room got brighter over the course of the two days!

It is TRULY an honor to be part of such an amazing, growing community. To be juicing while I was at the workshop knowing others were right there with me enabled me to more easily give up my stories of lack and being left out when I was choosing not to eat while around others. That "I wanna eat, too!" voice just subsided in the knowing I am part of this strong, healthy community.

It's been a wonderful process of letting go and trusting that I'll be just fine without chewing for the last few days.... :-) Although, I have to say I have done the "melting an avocado in my mouth" thing a coupla times.

I'm finding exquisite joy in playing with combinations of vegetables and flavors (like turnips, fennel and mint) for the juices. And I've discovered avocado soup- a blended combo of an avocado, organic salsa, garlic, cilantro and mint along with a cup or so of homemade veggie broth. Delicioso!!!

Thank you for the reminders to be gentle, mindful and relaxed... it's been perfect timing for that. Okay, that's me for the day (maybe the week- busy!busy!). Sending love and blessings to all,