Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7 May

Hi Loves,

Well this might be the FASTEST week yet, I really don't experience any ending and I realize I simply need to start adding in some food, slowly, good food, healthy food... and this weekend I am gathering with all my "daughters" and it will be a perfect time to share with them. I love the clarity, energy, ability to complete things, positive self thoughts, expansion of time... that I experience when juicing and I realize that there is another week in another month.... and the balance of it all.
We live such a full life, the week of JUICING allows me to be clearer, experience a stronger connection to the Divine, Beloved....
Thank you all for joining in here, there are close to 700 of us around the world! Let yourself breathe in the connection to them all....
Remember to ease into food, drink lots of water, keep your juice intake high and stick to green plant based foods....
Attend to your thoughts, let them be kind, loving, inclusive, peaceful.... share time with those you love and treat yourself with love as well.
Keep on sharing here, I will stay in touch and look forward to sharing more with you all next month. Run, dance, swim, walk, ride bikes and hold hands.
Love you all.


bikegal50 said...

wow! this has been really good for me. I wasn't sure if I could work full time, 12 hour shifts, and do this or not. But it was pretty fun. I acknowledge my husband for his support and his willingness to stay positive with me and not get irritated because we were not consuming the same foods. I acknowledge our Mother who is filled with life and light and gives us so much.

Erin said...

Hello all!
It has been wonderful to do this with you all again this month.
So much to say, and I want to be really transparent with my latest thought...

I'm feeling some fear about starting to eat again because I have had so many issues with bloating and constipation. (I know- transparent!!!) I know I need to drink more water regularly (it's not in my habit pattern to do so).

I avoid wheat/gluten, most grains, soy, dairy (goat cheese here and there is okay), and combining grains and beans (which seems to contribute to the problem), and processed foods, so I feel pretty aware. But lately have just had so many challenges with this discomfort.

Does anyone have any feedback for how to approach bringing solid foods back into my body without feeling that horrible over-full feeling? Or any suggestions about food combining, etc?

I'd be so grateful!
With much love and many blessings,

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Erin,

Take it slow... just add some fruits and veggies to start and keep juicing. Then slowly add in more and I suggest keeping it simple throughout the month... why not, You feel great don't you?
Love T