Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finishing up....

Hi Everyone,

No matter where you are or how your week of JUICING went make sure to set aside some time to make list of what you want to be aknowledging about you week. Be sure to go over all the choices you made, the efforts you made. There is always something to acknowledge.
let go of whatever doesn't serve you any longer,open up to what does.
You are loved.
Be gentle.
Love, Terces

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day SEVEN June

Good Morning,

Here we are on the last day of this month.... enjoy the clarity, spend some time with yourself... really see what you are learning, how you are feeling, what insights you are having and follow them. Yesterday I had a salad, I simply couldn't keep my energy up for playing with grandchildren all day... it tasted good and i definitely felt better..... probably it what more my THINKING that I couldn't keep up that was in my way! I love that I didn't make myself wrong and looked forward to the final day of JUICING. How are you all doing? What are you noticing.
I am also present to how hard young mothers work, the caring for young ones all day long... I see why we have our children when we are young!
This morning I started with Green juice and am heading to the city for meetings all day. I am grateful for all of you and for the encouragement we offer each other.
Remember to drink plenty of fresh water and keep your juice intake high, so as not to let yourself get TOO HUNGRY, or feeling weak.
I love you.
I will post tomorrow as well. I love hearing from you, so please share your stories with me.
I love you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi Everyone,

What are you present to today? Someone asked me yesterday if JUICING for a week brought up any old patterns of eating disorders. My experience in the early months is yes, it did, and it gave me to opportunity to repattern those old patterns. To hear and listen to the old habitual ways of thinking that were destructive, unhealthy and no longer served me and allowed me to make healthier choices and see from a more mature place how those patterns and impacted my life and what was keeping them in place, or did keep them in place and LET GO.
I find myself learning more and more about what drives my food choices, how different foods feel in my body and the impact them have. I get to FIRST HAND see how making choices that heal, nourish and support my mission in life is beneficial and what I am committed to.
How about you. What are you noticing in the last couple days of this week together.
I love you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Good Morning to you all,

The Leadership training is under way and I am present to the power of community. I invite each of you to not only take on your own health, your own clearing, your own life but to also choose someone to be a stand for taking on their health, their clearing their life! Something magical happens.
Today I am still letting go of comparison, letting go of self judgment, the conversations come up and I simply DO NOT ENGAGE, let them float by.... practice saying, thinking, acting out something that empowers you. What do you LOVE about YOURSELF?
Be kind, be gentle, be loving.
You are amazing.
Drink plenty of water, lots of juice, get out in the sunshine for some Vitamin D and let your heart open wide and feel and express LOVE.
You are LOVED>
I love you.

Friday, June 4, 2010


HI Everyone,

Well, the weather fits my awakening this morning, It is a dewy, tranquil morning and we are up and getting ready for the Leadership Training today. Yesterday we cleaned out, which felt so good and appropriate too.
Today I notice that I am COMPARING by experience this months to previous months and I know that comparison is always a trap! So I am letting go and simply being with my experience NOW!
I did 15 minutes on the slant board yesterday and had the insight that what there is to do is STOP RESISTING EXPANSION, expansion is happening! That right now it is like being in the first stages of labor, of a birth, there is a feeling of wanting it all to stop and also wanting to get to the other side. SO I SURRENDER and TRUST THE PROCESS today!
WHat are you noticing, how are you feeling, any insights you want to share with us?
Love you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Good Morning,

WHEW I don't know about you but that was a "tough" start this week. I had a headache, low energy, felt irritated, frustrated, overwhelmed... you name it, and this morning I woke up feeling BRIGHTER! Yeah. I am also dealing with allergies nd the itchy eyes keep me so focused inward, I notice my irritation with the outside has me experience a "smaller" worls, even though I am playing a BIG game. This weekend is our Leadership Training, the first one, and over 40 people are registered. I am thrilled to be taking on another level of training and there are lots of details to be responsible for in preparation. So I am stretching myself.
How are you feeling this morning? What are you present to?
Remember to drink water, lots of it, especially on these warm days. I also notice that I want/need at least 15 minutes of quiet time each day, to center myself, to relax into my life.
Do something good for yourself today, some treat in the realm of SELF care!
I love you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Good Morning Juicers,

Well, you might be in any number of places this morning... realizing how clear you are, dealing with a headache, hungry, thirsty, frustrated, tired, angry, happy, excited... what I want to share is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. You may need to drink more water, more juice, add some avocado to a green juice, rest, exercise... your body will talk to you. LISTEN. You must slow down to hear, so create some quiet time for yourself. I know for me this is challenging, my life is so full, and the requests are so many and I still struggle with not being able to give everyone everything they want. It seems crazy to me sometimes and still it is there. I noticed yesterday all my self worth doubts, all my "I don't fit in" conversations in my head. I just let them pass and noticed them, they are still there hanging out wanting me to engage. I don't.
What are you noticing?
I start my week out with Grapefruit juice, a clove of garlic, a T of olive oil, and a piece of fresh ginger and some water, all blended together. This cleans out the liver ,which is where all the toxins are, so I can see that TOXIC THOUGHTS are being cleared out too.
I am letting them go...
I love you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DAY ONE again...

Hi Everyone,

I awoke ready to JUICE, Matthew, my husband is starting out JUICING too! There is a bet on the farm to see how many days he makes it... really I am hoping he sticks to it, it is easier to share the experience when he JUICES too!
I started thinking after writing the first post for this month,
"If I feel so good when I am juicing why don't I juice more?" I then realized that I am JUICING to stay healthy and that my week per month is creating that experience. I also realized that while I think some days, "Oh, I'll juice today", I never do. Why, because I HAVEN'T GIVEN MY WORD TO IT!", Really it is that simple, I gave my word to juice the first week of every month, and that is what I do. Something deep inside KNOWS that is the plan and I stick to it. The other times, I think about it, but that isn't the same as giving my word.
So, my question for you is; What are you giving your word to? Notice that when you have power around giving your word, you create those results!
I love you.