Thursday, June 3, 2010


Good Morning,

WHEW I don't know about you but that was a "tough" start this week. I had a headache, low energy, felt irritated, frustrated, overwhelmed... you name it, and this morning I woke up feeling BRIGHTER! Yeah. I am also dealing with allergies nd the itchy eyes keep me so focused inward, I notice my irritation with the outside has me experience a "smaller" worls, even though I am playing a BIG game. This weekend is our Leadership Training, the first one, and over 40 people are registered. I am thrilled to be taking on another level of training and there are lots of details to be responsible for in preparation. So I am stretching myself.
How are you feeling this morning? What are you present to?
Remember to drink water, lots of it, especially on these warm days. I also notice that I want/need at least 15 minutes of quiet time each day, to center myself, to relax into my life.
Do something good for yourself today, some treat in the realm of SELF care!
I love you.


Anonymous said...

Hey me too-everything you said! Thank you for saying everything that we are also actually going through. I mean from the frustrations all way the way to joys of this fast forcing us to be present. So thank you for saying all of it-so we know we are not alone or wrong somehow in what we are experiencing. Thank you for doing this with us! We are blessed because of YOU!

claire.barnum said...

Thank Goodness I'm not alone. It was a rough beginning because I drank more caffeine the weeks before the cleanse than I have in months. Today I meditated and looked at my thoughts about my life. Shifted to something positive. Thanks so much Terces! Drink UP!

Chef Patti said...

I love having this forum to share. Thanks, Terces!
I have been drinking a lot of juice - 5-6 quarts a day, plus 2 quarts of water/tea. I'm amazed. Today, I had too much fruit juice, and, well, rolling thunder was my intestional experience. So, I did a coffee enema to clear it out. It's not completely over, and I'm 'way better.
Thank you all for the sharing you have been doing here. We are NOT alone. Ever.