Friday, June 4, 2010


HI Everyone,

Well, the weather fits my awakening this morning, It is a dewy, tranquil morning and we are up and getting ready for the Leadership Training today. Yesterday we cleaned out, which felt so good and appropriate too.
Today I notice that I am COMPARING by experience this months to previous months and I know that comparison is always a trap! So I am letting go and simply being with my experience NOW!
I did 15 minutes on the slant board yesterday and had the insight that what there is to do is STOP RESISTING EXPANSION, expansion is happening! That right now it is like being in the first stages of labor, of a birth, there is a feeling of wanting it all to stop and also wanting to get to the other side. SO I SURRENDER and TRUST THE PROCESS today!
WHat are you noticing, how are you feeling, any insights you want to share with us?
Love you.


Claire said...

OH you are so right! I have been comparing. I have been comparing this month to the previous months and also fasts in the past. And slowly, slowly, committing to the present moment is the journey. This morning I don't feel like drinking anything except water. I guess I'll just stay here until it shifts. Another letting go of "should" and "goal" into BE. I feel a song coming on....enjoy your day with raindrops. Thanks again Terces!

Sarita said...

Today started with a cacao smoothie (1/2 C cacaonibs,3/4 C almonds, almost 4 C water, 3 bananas, 1 tablespoon of carob powder, 1 vanillabean, pinch of salt - 2 p.) that tasted really rich of chocolate, i guess because of the carob (in combination with the cacao). It's been some kind of cacao smoothie - breakfast for 4 days in a row. Before the smoothie the daily 'alkalizer' (medium warm water with lemon) and a sip of green juice (celery, cucumber, chard, orange juice), prepared for later on the day. I feel there's nothing like cacao smoothie in giving me the feeling i'm completely provided for and everything is great. The green juice gives another very satisfying feeling, very complementary, harder to describe, but something like a wake-up call to a pure and light reality... These two (three) beverages make for a very satisfying morning. The rest of the day water and soups (gazpacho-variations: cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro, ... ). Usually there is enough cacao-smoothie for one more serving in the afternoon, when it's really nice to have something sweet and energizing. I don't feel i miss anything. At the contrary, i feel more nourished then on solid primarily raw foods. It seems somehow clearer now. Normally i am very tempted to snack in-between meals. I can resist that now easily. I just drink something if i feel i need s.t. and if i feel hungry i make some kind of soup or other special liquid. It's also very refreshing to actually feel hungry and to feel things moving, making room for new things, in my tummy.
Went for a long bike-ride this afternoon and it was wonderful to feel all the energy my body could provide!
The daily e-mails and affirmations have been very helpful to me to make it a really fun - and somehow shared - experience. I feel the first two days were harder, emotionally, but now i feel really good and liberated.
Thank you!