Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Good Night,

Actually it is after 1am and I am just finishing packing for Mexico. We leave at 4 am for the airport and I am just squishing in the last of the surprises for the children of some of our employees whose families we will visit.
I am writing for today and tomorrow as I will be traveling all day and not able to post.
How are you? I notice that I am at the place where I could just keep on going... and I know that this is when it is time to start easing back into a few solid foods. I do feel good, I did find out that the spots on my lungs are not "going to kill me" as the Doctor said, and when we get back I'll so see a pulmonary specialist. I feel great knowing that I didn't let my thoughts of concern get the best of me! How about you? How is your thinking supporting you?
I had a sprout salad late in the day today as I wanted to add in something green before my travels. It sure tasted good.
I would love to hear from more of you, your sharing is so inspiring and so appreciated.
I am so grateful for you.
Ease out of your JUICING, sprouts and salads or fresh veggies are the best way, and remember to still include plenty of fresh water and juice into your day.
Enjoy the sunshine and celebrate another month of the JUICE CLUB.
I am proud of you.
Love. Terces

Monday, July 5, 2010


Good Morning,

I love it when you share about feeling closer to nature, that is how it is for me too. I feel so full of life, so clear on my feelings, so willing to shift my attention to what I love instead of it running by default into some un empowering story! How about you?
What are you noticing?
We leave for Mexico on Wednesday so I realize I will be breaking my fast while traveling and staying with indigenous people way in the Sierras.... this will be a new experience!
Today I felt a bit nauseous, not really sure what it is, so am adding some avocado to my green juice and having some extra wheatgrass, that will either take me over the edge or heal me!
Keep supporting yourself by doing and being "nice" to yourself. Be kind!
Share with us all, it makes a difference for you and for me.
I love you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

DAY FOUR Independence Day July 4th

Hi Everyone,
Where do you enjoy your freedom? What a great day, hot on the farm but with a nice breeze. We took a break in the heat of the day and got foot reflexology... so wonderful and so healing. Colonic tomorrow! I encourage you all to add to your juicing other ways of empowering your cleanse. Yoga, colonics, swimming, massage.... you choose. It is so good for you and supports your JUICING. You are worthy!
Today I noticed how much I get done. Painted our yurt door and have been thinking about it for over a year....
I can move from one thing to another seamlessly. Love that part.
Like LuckyStar shared once you make up your mind this is what you are doing, the internal battle just dies down. So what else could you choose to give your word to and experience the same commitment?
Keep sharing, I so love hearing from you. Your sharing has my week of JUICING come alive! I appreciate you.
Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate it (USA) for those who don't how can you celebrate your personal freedom?
Love, Terces


WOW I don't know about you but I was minding my mind all day! My doctors office called in the morning to let me know that they didn't have any results yet but not to worry, keep my attention on health and due to the holiday we would talk on Tuesday morning. Well, that really started me off noticing when my thoughts would stray from anything but health and well being... So I am sharing this as it works for us all, keep noticing when you get distracted by anything that would disrupt your personal experience of , love, joy, peace, well being, and then mind your mind and focus your attention, your worship power, on what you are committed to experiencing! That is our true work.
How are you doing, what are you noticing, I would love for more of you to share, your experience matters, no matter what you are experiencing.
I love you, enjoy the freedom we all have to be ourselves today!

love, Terces

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hi There,

I went to the Doctor today to have my lungs checked out, just can't seem to breath as powerfully as I always have and no herbal remedies are working any further than they already have. The xray does show some abnormalities and now I just wait for the report. I make up, there is some infection I just can't clear up. Anyway, I was SO HAPPY I WAS JUICING, cause I drove all the way into the city in 4th of July weekend traffic and since I was juicing he was able to do the blood work! Yeah! Also I noticed on the way home where it took over 3 hours instead of the usual 1, I wasn't impatient, I actually enjoyed the time with my thought, the radio and the warmth of the sun. It wouldn't have been my experience otherwise, I am sure! How about you? What are you noticing in your life? How is JUICING, CLEANSING making a difference? Tonight I was closing up the chickens and Matthew and I were walking around the farm and I shared with him that I "feel comfortable in my own body", that is such a good feeling!
I can so easily find fault with myself and it just isn't what is capturing my attention any longer! The consistency over time, being my word each month and not taking myself too seriously is wonderful.
When I was stuck in traffic today I pulled into a Jamba Juice and ordered Wheatgrass juice and was SO THANKFUL!
Love you all.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

DAY ONE July, Welcome back!

Hi Everyone,

I am so grateful to be sharing a few moments with you. Do you know that there are over 1000 of us JUICING one week together each month? WOW, How inspiring you are to me.
Today we left early this morning and flew to Los Angeles to meet with the design team for our Los Angeles project, I am so happy I was juicing! I love that I can take on things that might normally feel overwhelming and VOILA, when I am JUICING they are just what I am doing RIGHT NOW!
How are you? What are you noticing. I am noticing that I have so much more balance in my experience of my body. I no longer "beat myself up" with thoughts, words, ideas about my physical body. I love being me! I am enjoying the clarity, and over all health I am experiencing, even though at this time I am having something going on with one of my lungs (having it checked out tomorrow). I feel comfortable in my own skin! That is a miracle for me. How about you?I would love for more of you to share.... what is stopping you?
Welcome back, drink lots of water and don't "diet", JUICING is intended to support your digestive and elimination system and to help you "get rid" of what no longer serves you... so let it go, all of it, the thoughts, actions, beliefs..... instead practice LOVING YOURSELF!
I love you.