Thursday, July 1, 2010

DAY ONE July, Welcome back!

Hi Everyone,

I am so grateful to be sharing a few moments with you. Do you know that there are over 1000 of us JUICING one week together each month? WOW, How inspiring you are to me.
Today we left early this morning and flew to Los Angeles to meet with the design team for our Los Angeles project, I am so happy I was juicing! I love that I can take on things that might normally feel overwhelming and VOILA, when I am JUICING they are just what I am doing RIGHT NOW!
How are you? What are you noticing. I am noticing that I have so much more balance in my experience of my body. I no longer "beat myself up" with thoughts, words, ideas about my physical body. I love being me! I am enjoying the clarity, and over all health I am experiencing, even though at this time I am having something going on with one of my lungs (having it checked out tomorrow). I feel comfortable in my own skin! That is a miracle for me. How about you?I would love for more of you to share.... what is stopping you?
Welcome back, drink lots of water and don't "diet", JUICING is intended to support your digestive and elimination system and to help you "get rid" of what no longer serves you... so let it go, all of it, the thoughts, actions, beliefs..... instead practice LOVING YOURSELF!
I love you.


Kristina said...

Good morning. I decided to share this week as a way of go deaper with the experience and commit to the week. I am a spiritual teacher in Sweden and i have retreats taking people through a cleance on a spiritual body way . This is a treat not to be responsibel for anyone els then my own body. I got a couple of days free (have five beautiful kids ) and that is wonderful to . For once( a few days) loving not having a family and letting that go and just being in the love for myself. Yesterday was easy untill the afternoon when stress and bitterness took over . I made a almond drink with raw choklade and bought three fruit tress for my garden planting them connecting to the roots and felt amazing after that . I am taking an houer trip in the forrest to pick eateble greens for my morning and connect to mother earth . Really can it be any better.

lauren said...

Kristina, I was taken by your comment and was with you planting the fruit trees, Seeing the roots and going into the forest for greens. What kind? Wonderful. I am in the desert just now. On the fifth day of my fast. I know my timing does not correspond exactly to this one, but life is flexible.
I am on a regiment. A cleanse. Deep cleanse. Although I am feeling very bloated just now, as I drank another 32 ounces of thick palm fiber. Something that pull the yag from your intestinal lining and freshens things up in there ya might say. And after the coconut oil and endless glasses of water. The green drink that is wheat grass in powder form cut with a number of other highly nutritious ingredients. Cherry juice, and aloe. I have so much energy I dug a small garden, danced like a crazy woman, took a long walk, took a long hot sweat,swam laps and ran/danced in the pool. Then sat out and watched the shooting stars over a desert sky. Not better, just equally delicious. Hi everyone. Another happy camper giving the body and mind a cleanse. Scouring even.

Kristina said...

wow, the desert. Sounds amazing. The short time of worm sun here is so nutering profundly going deaper in everything and everyone. We tressure it .
Yesterday i got a apple ,a pair and cherry tree. I asked people who took courese this spring if they wanted to donate 15 dollars for fruit trees . So now we have about 15 fruit trees and they have a great personality becourse they were given to the earth with a lot of gratitude to it. The palm essens and aloe vera how fun yes i can see you dancing .... thanks... do you live there or just a cleansing trip

SunflowerSister1 said...

Wow, Kristina! I love your way of connecting with the earth. And Lauren, I wish cleansinging gave me as much energy as it gives you; I usually feel awful when I cleanse. I've been following along and just trying to drink more and more juice, and eat less and less each month during the first week. It's not a weight-loss thing, just wanting to feel lighter and better. I'm trying to get more juicing recipes and perhaps learn some "secrets" to help me go whole hog and truly have a juice feast for 7 days without feeling rotten. Any ideas? (Yes, I drink gallons of both water and juice.) It does look like you all have a broader definition of "juice" than usual (eg. almond and seeds, or blended avocado/sprouts) All ideas/suggestions are welcomed.
Also, forgive my ignorance, but how is Terces' name pronounced? Yes, it's "Secret" spelled backwards, but how do you say it?

Tanya Harmon said...

Well, we missed Day 1 to celebrate Canada Day at a friend, who happens to be an amazing chef (clam chowder and cheesecake, I just didn't have it in me to resist!). We walked an oceanside labyrinth and shared Gratitude Cards from Abounding River -- what a great way to start a conversation at a party!

We (my husband Terry and I) are easing in slowly as we just did a big shop and have many many bananas to get through. Today and tomorrow will be smoothies and our juice feast will begin on Sunday.

Thank you for being here. It is a blessing to feel supported in this process!

Sister Soldier said...

This is my first time juicing. I made it through most of the day, but then was defeated in the afternoon. I'm so grateful that there is support here. I'm going to try to start my juice on Sunday.

Hisun said...

summer recipe! pineapple's in season, so my latest recipe has been:
celery (whole bunch--about 12 bunches?)
pineapple (to sweeten the taste-1 whole one)
granny smith apples (to dilute the saltiness of celery-3 or 4)
ginger (a little kick--just a little)

this juice is helping me kick my cold and stay refreshed! enjoy. (: -Hisun

Terces Engelhart said...

WOW I am so inspired that you all shared so beautifully, it makes such a difference for ME! I love that you are carving out some time for YOURSELVES and connecting with the EARTH. I notice that I get things done that matter to me that every other week of the month I THINK about doing but don't get to them! I love that we are all together and am so grateful for each one of you. For sure, have FUN. Don't let yourself suffer, just think thoughts that you would love to believe about yourself, your life, our world .... and pretty soon, you will believe them. Today I picked fresh blackberries and juiced them adding a bit of almond milk and ice for a creamy treat! Love you all. Terces (pronounced tear see)!