Sunday, July 4, 2010


WOW I don't know about you but I was minding my mind all day! My doctors office called in the morning to let me know that they didn't have any results yet but not to worry, keep my attention on health and due to the holiday we would talk on Tuesday morning. Well, that really started me off noticing when my thoughts would stray from anything but health and well being... So I am sharing this as it works for us all, keep noticing when you get distracted by anything that would disrupt your personal experience of , love, joy, peace, well being, and then mind your mind and focus your attention, your worship power, on what you are committed to experiencing! That is our true work.
How are you doing, what are you noticing, I would love for more of you to share, your experience matters, no matter what you are experiencing.
I love you, enjoy the freedom we all have to be ourselves today!

love, Terces


luckySTAR said...

Hello Everyone out there sharing this fabulous juicing experience. Thank you so much Terces for expanding your experience to include others. It has made a huge impact on my life so far and this is just the second month I've been on board! It's become much easier as I have surrendered into the experience and accepted fully that this is my way of life for this 7 days. Then I can consciously choose how I proceed with the remaining days of the month. This is a CHOICE! There is so much empowerment in that statement. I have struggled in the past with compulsive eating which didn't FEEL like a choice and during this sacred time of juicing, I have been receiving so much clarity around that issue. When I'm wanting to check out with a little unconscious eating, its not available right now. I may feel like seeking some other method of checking out however at this point, I'm aware of what's happening and able to listen to what it is I'm really needing. Then I can show up for myself and allow myself to feel the emotions I so wanted to avoid. I let them begin knowing they will also have an end.
Today I feel empowered and content.

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Lucky star,
That is how it is for me, I simply choose and don't argue with myself... that lesson has rubbed off into other areas as well. I am so grateful for you putting it into words for me and others. Thanks for sharing.
Love, Terces