Sunday, July 4, 2010

DAY FOUR Independence Day July 4th

Hi Everyone,
Where do you enjoy your freedom? What a great day, hot on the farm but with a nice breeze. We took a break in the heat of the day and got foot reflexology... so wonderful and so healing. Colonic tomorrow! I encourage you all to add to your juicing other ways of empowering your cleanse. Yoga, colonics, swimming, massage.... you choose. It is so good for you and supports your JUICING. You are worthy!
Today I noticed how much I get done. Painted our yurt door and have been thinking about it for over a year....
I can move from one thing to another seamlessly. Love that part.
Like LuckyStar shared once you make up your mind this is what you are doing, the internal battle just dies down. So what else could you choose to give your word to and experience the same commitment?
Keep sharing, I so love hearing from you. Your sharing has my week of JUICING come alive! I appreciate you.
Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate it (USA) for those who don't how can you celebrate your personal freedom?
Love, Terces


lauren said...

Hey Terces and all. I'm on a specific cleanse as well as the fast. Just finished three days of kamut grass and alternately palm fiber drink to clear the insides out. Scrub a dub dub. It worked. Next the liver and gall bladder, has anyone ideas about it or think it really works to do the flush? It's new for me, I've done fasts but not ones that are geared to specific organs, just overall cleanses. I'm feeling great. I miss chewing... always do when i fast. Heading up to the Sequoias in the next day or two. Will take green drink I can mix with water to drink there. The whole fast/cleanse is 14 days. Tonight during a high desert evening walk an owl perched in a tree and watched us walk by. It was about 15 ft away. I have never seen one so close. You could see its talons in the low sun light behind it. Beautiful. So, Owl goodness to you all, happy juicing and living and loving.

Kristina said...

Thank you an inspiration for me to keep going . I felt so tired yesterday and forgot the meaning of the cleance but woke up in the middle of the night and remembered and got so happy . So here we go again. It is magic to remebeber what I am doing right now and sticking to it . Everything gets so simple and clear. And lauren the owl i love that... I am also intreged with the palm drink.
I feel closer to plants and the animals here.
Now there is so many powerful plants for juicing and i am just picking a big basket twize a day. I grow some wheatgrass on the field and it makes a good mix with the wild. I had a herbist from england here for a month visiting and after his stay i am so grateful for all the eatebles he showed me. Before i was mostly longing for maui or SF and all the wonderfull organic stuff that i remebered when i ├║sed to live there . It is right here also the sun in eatable form it just looks and taste different . It tast wonderfull. I love this. have a good clean day

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Lauren,
For liver, gallbladder I do grapefruit juice, olive oil, garlic flush in the early am... so great. You sound wonderful, thanks for sharing. Love, T
Yeah Kristina, I am so proud of you! Love, T

lauren said...

Hi Kristina,

How glorious, picking and juicing. Fantastic!! All that prana in the veggies and fruit mmmmmm. Where are you? I love it, eating the sun.. nice.

Terces, Send Matthew and Marta a hello for me. Thanks again for doing this. It's brilliant.

Today I have felt tired too. May have something to do with the temp being 96 here. I am melting. May the fat melt too!! I really am looking forward to being lean again. I'm not overweight by the standard way of measuring but I feel an extra 10 lbs that don't need to be there.

Clean and lean... that's what I'm aiming for during this time period.