Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Seven April


It just finished hailing, thundering and lightning on the farm. We are hoping the cherry blossoms weren't damaged! While beautiful a bit surprising too.
I started the day with juice and added some steamed greens and sprouts at lunch, just too cold, and feeling a bit weak. Felt ready to add in a bit of food.
Tonight is Bikram and I am ready. While we did yoga daily in Hawaii I am ready for the deep warming of the hot yoga.
I am also still taking chlorella and also some antioxidants as well.
I am so happy to be home and getting ready for Spring, which we thought was here until the cold and rain of today hit.
I am going to add in one day of JUICING a week this month, so I invite anyone who wants to join me to take it on as well.
I am in love with all the Lilacs that are in bloom and can feel my heart opening when I stand among the bushes and B R E A T H in their sweet scent.
Happy Spring, Thanks for taking on your health.
I am so grateful for you.
What are you grateful for?
Love, Terces

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Six


We just returned to the farm from arriving back into San Francisco tonight around 8pm. I am SO HAPPY to be home to the land of green juice and our community here.
Thank you for your patience with the blog issues, and Marta thank you for adding my blog entries to the daily emails. I am so grateful for your support, especially when off the grid with little or no internet access.
Our workshop was amazing and I am looking forward to my farm life schedule for a few days.
My body is ready to wake up early and open up my chicken coops and walk the land.
Green juice is in the frig waiting for me.
Sweet Dreams, keep your attention on how wonderful your life is.
Love, Terces

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day FIVE April

Looking forward to today, awoke to sunshine and wrapping up our time in Maui with a visit to Aya and Anis' new he on the other side of the island.
Anis is working on an Abounding Rivet project and we are excited to see it!
I am ready for some California green juice and time for Spring planting.
I have let go of pushing myself just to keep up and am taking on honoring myself in new ways, like listening to my passionate inner voice.
Love you

Day Four April


I am feeling good and appreciating a more restful day! The workshop is over and now we will share some time with family here before heading home on Wednesday morning.
Had my coconut milk, lime and Ginger smoothie this morning. So delicious!
Today I am practicing peace of mind, and really appreciating the quiet.
I apologize that these are not being posted on the blog, we are still working on it.
Love you
Keep loving yourself.

Day Three April

New experience at lunch today! I took salad greens, some curried veggies and jackfruit salsa and blended it into a soup/thick juice and drank it. Living every sip!
The workshop Is fabulous!
Do you know just how worthy you are?
I love you

Day Two Aloha


So grateful you are here with me.
I am so happy to be juicing, I feel clean and clear although I was up most of the night in ceremony and am a bit tired. Still grateful to be juicing.
Of course there is amazing coconut milk here with fresh Ginger, my favorite! As well as fresh Papaya for smoothies!
This blog hasn't been working and is being looked at, so you may see several posted at once!

Day One April 2011

I am in Maui leading our new workshop on Community. At first I was resisting the juice club this month feeling like the timing just wasn't right but now on the first I feel totally inspired and looking forward to juicing for the week with you!
I believe just letting myself feel my resistance was helpful.
I will share from here and thank you all for joining me from wherever you are.
Welcome and love