Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day FIVE April

Looking forward to today, awoke to sunshine and wrapping up our time in Maui with a visit to Aya and Anis' new he on the other side of the island.
Anis is working on an Abounding Rivet project and we are excited to see it!
I am ready for some California green juice and time for Spring planting.
I have let go of pushing myself just to keep up and am taking on honoring myself in new ways, like listening to my passionate inner voice.
Love you

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Karlak Philo-Sophie said...

Hello loves!

This is actually my 2nd day of juicing and my 5th taking wheatgrass, e-3live and kombucha daily.
I am considering doing colonics but there is so much info our there that my head is spinning. lol.
Anyone care to share about the Master cleanse's Salt Flush, enemas or colonics?
love you all!!!

Some juicing love!