Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Seven April


It just finished hailing, thundering and lightning on the farm. We are hoping the cherry blossoms weren't damaged! While beautiful a bit surprising too.
I started the day with juice and added some steamed greens and sprouts at lunch, just too cold, and feeling a bit weak. Felt ready to add in a bit of food.
Tonight is Bikram and I am ready. While we did yoga daily in Hawaii I am ready for the deep warming of the hot yoga.
I am also still taking chlorella and also some antioxidants as well.
I am so happy to be home and getting ready for Spring, which we thought was here until the cold and rain of today hit.
I am going to add in one day of JUICING a week this month, so I invite anyone who wants to join me to take it on as well.
I am in love with all the Lilacs that are in bloom and can feel my heart opening when I stand among the bushes and B R E A T H in their sweet scent.
Happy Spring, Thanks for taking on your health.
I am so grateful for you.
What are you grateful for?
Love, Terces

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Mary Carol said...

Hi--I am trying the juicing week. I love it but I admit that it is really challenging for me to make sure that I have enough ingredients on hand to make juice. Also, I realize how little time I put into nourishing my body. While I don't eat really lousy food, I just "grab" whatever is around. I love your daily emails, Terces--they are such a great reminder to be love--starting with one's own body! Love to all--Mary Carol