Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My grand-daughter, Kate, making wheat grass!

Good Afternoon,

No matter how long or how far you have come juicing, CELEBRATE your success. Even if you only juice one day, consistently over time, that is a miracle.
Many of you completed this year and I am so grateful for your commitment to well being. You inspire me. Who inspires you? I want to share a link to a man who has now lost 230 lbs and was dining in Cafe Gratitude last night. He overheard our District Manager say that she was JUICING and he hopped on over to her table and started sharing his personal story of JUICING with her. She was so inspired.... who could you be inspiring with your story? Here is a link to Dave, the raw food trucker! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=raw+food+trucker&aq=f

Remember to ease gently into solid food, still drinking plenty of fresh juice and starting off with salads and perhaps lightly steamed veggies if you are wanting warm food.

I hope you all join me next year, for a new JUICE CLUB experience, with new features... and seven more sharing.
Have a wonderful holiday season and know you are LOVED.

Love, Terces

Monday, December 6, 2010


Believe it or not I had my first "chuckwagon" filled with goodies at age 3!

Yeah, I made it to the all employee meeting in Oakland at 6am, that is a 4:30 wake up! I feel better just feeling a bit better. I can't remember a day that I just rested, it felt so luxurious, I highly recommend it for everyone, without not feeling well!
I noticed that I had more dreams, or at least I could remember them. I also was present to some things that are incomplete in my life, that I am committed to completing. So grateful for insights.
Today I am still on hot water and lemon juice all day... I tried some other juices, but they just didn't sit well.
How are you? Thank you to all who shared. I love receiving stories from those of you in other countries. I notice that I feel the ONENESS of the world when we share with one another.
What are you still resisting? Take on breaking through in that area of your life.
I love you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Good Morning,

I could feel myself fighting off some "bug" in the night and awoke with a desire to SLOW DOWN and rest. I'm off for a nap now. Today is Kate's birthday (she is 4) and is so happy to be having a birthday. She loves Jessie, from Toy Story and is so into being a cowgirl!
The enthusiasm of a 4 year old is contagious, even when feeling a bit under the weather.
I am happy for Sunday, it is always a bit quieter on the farm here.
Today lots of HOT water with lemon and ginger....
How are you taking care of yourself?
Happy Sunday,
Enjoy this drizzling day of slow rain, so good for this planet we all share.
Love. Terces

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Our first ever barrel of wine!

Good Night,

Not as easy today as yesterday, found myself feeling hungry at the end of the Leadership Training and also not feeling that great... runny nose, slight headache and an "itch" of an on coming cold sore... so I drank, drank, drank some water and am not getting ready to go to sleep early.
Amazing Leadership training session, I am so inspired by all the people who came, participated, and today successfully completed the year long program. I can see and hear them being leaders in all areas of their lives.
I shared with one of our managers today that one of the things I notice when juicing is that whenever I pass by a mirror or window and see my reflection I am surprised that I look "better" than I think I am going to.... and when I am not juicing I often experience myself as not looking better than I think I will. I am not sure what it is, I just notice that I have that experience. She shared that she also doesn't judge others of herself as much either....
What are you noticing?
So in line with my being present to what it is to be a leader, I am asking you today, where are you showing up as a leader, where are you inspired or inspiring others?
I Love you.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Ok, this is more like it... I guess when I look back, day two is usually the most challenging day! Yeah, on to Day Three and now Day Four.... today was great, I was busy preparing for the Leadership Training and a couple folks in the training are also JUICING and that makes it more fun and easier.... so I recommend that you find some people to JUICE with! I did have a cup of pureed vegetable soup tonight sitting around the campfire and while I appreciated the warmth it was also FILLING. I also had some green juice and so love the clarity I feel.
How about you? What is your experience. Claire thanks, for sharing, I so appreciate you saying how as you look back you see how far you have come. Congratulations. I encourage all of you to look over the months you have been juicing and take note of how it has impacted your overall diet/nutrition/health!
I am reminded from today's training of the idea that perhaps real leadership is simply being present to love in each and every moment... how are you present to love right NOW?
I love you.
P.S. the photo at the top is of Kate, one of my grandchildren who is watching and helping us take the corn off the cobs for masa making! (I am present to love!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Good Evening,

Well, I would say, at best today I was cranky! It seemed to me like all the things I did to help created new issues to work through. Frustrating for sure.
I felt left out, and unsatisfied. I probably didn't drink enough juice either.... you know how it goes....
and, the day is over, and I can start again tomorrow.
I feel like my life is so full, there simply isn't the space to appreciate all that is happening... and there are moments when I do...
Maybe this is what cleansing feels like this month!
So, I am going to shift my attention right now, and think about how precious the moments with my grandchildren are, with my daughter and her husband, with the farm crew and my husband... all the ways that we relate, support one another, and connect in new ways.
Kate, my grand daughter turns 4 this Sunday and she is so excited about Jessie, the cowgirl in Toy Story, coming to her party!
Today I mixed an avocado in with green juice and a hot pepper... yummy!
Sweet Dreams, I'm looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.
How about you?
Love you. Terces

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Welcome to the last month of the year... no matter how many months you have been juicing with us, congratulate yourself for taking on your health! I am so proud of all of us.
I received some feedback today and was so happy to hear what difference the JUICE CLUB and consistency of JUICING is making. I certainly feel the difference but it is so wonderful to hear about others experiences. So I invite you to share your story with me, you make a difference in my life.
Remember to keep yourself hydrated, water, plenty of juice, warm beverages.... and lots of green!
I am taking Chlorella tablets for additional green power!
It is cold here on the farm so I am drinking heated lemon juice, with ginger, a bit of apple juice for sweetner and some fresh ginger to heat me up.
This morning Chandra made for me a green drink with grapefruit juice, coconut milk and a bit of chili for the heat!
So trust yourself, make up whatever pleases you and keeps you inspired to keep going and have fun.
I love you.