Thursday, December 2, 2010


Good Evening,

Well, I would say, at best today I was cranky! It seemed to me like all the things I did to help created new issues to work through. Frustrating for sure.
I felt left out, and unsatisfied. I probably didn't drink enough juice either.... you know how it goes....
and, the day is over, and I can start again tomorrow.
I feel like my life is so full, there simply isn't the space to appreciate all that is happening... and there are moments when I do...
Maybe this is what cleansing feels like this month!
So, I am going to shift my attention right now, and think about how precious the moments with my grandchildren are, with my daughter and her husband, with the farm crew and my husband... all the ways that we relate, support one another, and connect in new ways.
Kate, my grand daughter turns 4 this Sunday and she is so excited about Jessie, the cowgirl in Toy Story, coming to her party!
Today I mixed an avocado in with green juice and a hot pepper... yummy!
Sweet Dreams, I'm looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.
How about you?
Love you. Terces

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Claire said...

Day two for the juice feast, day three for my job. I managed to drink a half gallon of water while working at breakneck speed. It's a good think I can chug large quantities at once, even if that's not the optimal drinking pattern.

This morning I spent some time reflecting. Since my first juice feast in April (I've juiced 5 months total), I have become a vegan, gotten off caffeine and have almost dropped sugar out of my diet entirely and have cut back on breads. I've done all this before so I'm not sure if I will cycle back in, but the juice feast process has been quite a helping factor and the shifting of my diet has felt very, very different this time around.

Part of the juice feasting mantra is Terces reminding us that we are perfect right where we are. And I keep seeing her words in my mind "green juices." For this week, I have several days of work for which I am finding it too chaotic to manage the quantity of juice I need while at my busy job. Then I got it. I need to eat food and drink green juices and as much water as possible.

It seems as though I have been slowly, over the past few months learning how to incorporate green juices (and others) in a more regular pattern and with more consciousness and as a natural way of life.

I realized, "I have graduated!" I will continue to eat food during this week to maintain an overall balance in my life and commit to drinking green juices, up my water and know that I am still paving a new pattern into my life even with this modified week!

I couldn't have anticipated such a joyful rounding out of the year's juice feasting. What a treat! I never, ever would have done this without the Juice Club.

See you tomorrow for a green juice update.