Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My grand-daughter, Kate, making wheat grass!

Good Afternoon,

No matter how long or how far you have come juicing, CELEBRATE your success. Even if you only juice one day, consistently over time, that is a miracle.
Many of you completed this year and I am so grateful for your commitment to well being. You inspire me. Who inspires you? I want to share a link to a man who has now lost 230 lbs and was dining in Cafe Gratitude last night. He overheard our District Manager say that she was JUICING and he hopped on over to her table and started sharing his personal story of JUICING with her. She was so inspired.... who could you be inspiring with your story? Here is a link to Dave, the raw food trucker! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=raw+food+trucker&aq=f

Remember to ease gently into solid food, still drinking plenty of fresh juice and starting off with salads and perhaps lightly steamed veggies if you are wanting warm food.

I hope you all join me next year, for a new JUICE CLUB experience, with new features... and seven more sharing.
Have a wonderful holiday season and know you are LOVED.

Love, Terces


Claire said...

Wasn't feeling well last night and I think I am fighting off the flu. Stayed in bed today and slept. Couldn't even think about food or juice for half the day. I am going back to bed now.

Got the wheat grass juicer on Saturday and by Monday morning my kids were asking for some. They wanted it today too. Miracles never cease.

In my last post I mentioned I didn't know where I could grow wheat grass. Looks like that challenge may well be solved!

See you tomorrow.

valentinaquinte said...

hi terces,

i love to read youre posts and about cafe gratitude and the be love farm, cuz i think i learn english in that way too :) and its inspiring!

the last week i tried to be more "be love" and my mum ask me today if i´m in love :) hahaha
thats great!

i am also inspired by the rain today.
it rains the hole day and i think thats a great sound ;)

hope to read from you soon

wish the hole be Love comunity a beautiful Chrismas with much love

<3 valentina