Saturday, December 4, 2010


Our first ever barrel of wine!

Good Night,

Not as easy today as yesterday, found myself feeling hungry at the end of the Leadership Training and also not feeling that great... runny nose, slight headache and an "itch" of an on coming cold sore... so I drank, drank, drank some water and am not getting ready to go to sleep early.
Amazing Leadership training session, I am so inspired by all the people who came, participated, and today successfully completed the year long program. I can see and hear them being leaders in all areas of their lives.
I shared with one of our managers today that one of the things I notice when juicing is that whenever I pass by a mirror or window and see my reflection I am surprised that I look "better" than I think I am going to.... and when I am not juicing I often experience myself as not looking better than I think I will. I am not sure what it is, I just notice that I have that experience. She shared that she also doesn't judge others of herself as much either....
What are you noticing?
So in line with my being present to what it is to be a leader, I am asking you today, where are you showing up as a leader, where are you inspired or inspiring others?
I Love you.


birdandflower - paper doll maker said...

Hi Terces;
What am I noticing? I am noticing calm, and a lot of peace. I also notice like you mentioned time. I have a lot of time for my creativity, and to finish things.

This is my first beginning of the month fast, I would like to try to continue it.

In this state is is very easy to let go of things.

Thank you so much. Will you be doing it next year as well?

Claire said...

Terces, thank you for the acknowledgment. It's been a great journey.

Green Drink Update: One hand crank wheat grass juicer secured through Craigslist right around the corner from the Berkeley farmers market where I scooped up a flat of the little green goddesses growing happily. SCORE!!

Came home and needed to make room for it on the counter so I threw out the microwave! SCORE! Ha-Ha! I hated that thing anyway; someone gave it to us.

Then my husband, who was excited to have the new crank said, "We can't afford $10 flats of wheat grass cause it doesn't take long to finish a flat, so we'll have to grow it." I stood in the kitchen looking at my prize and thinking, "This wasn't in my plan. I can feel my body contracting, one more thing on my list and where, where am I supposed to grow these - and -make sure they don't mold?"

Breeeeeeaath, a solution will present itself. In the meantime, we enjoyed the emerald elixir. My 12 year old son had a good time cranking it out (but wouldn't try it). yet.

Today I am looking forward to juicing (in my regular juicer) the other vegetables I bought at market yesterday.

An interesting thing I found at the farmers market was a tea made of balsa, or Doug Fir, something in the pine family. I took a couple of samples. It was wonderful. Since I was a kid, I've always thought there must be some way to eat a part of a pine tree because the smell is divine but it never occurred to me to make a tea. You learn something new every day.

I've always been the culinary leader in my family shaping the way we eat for better or worse. We've always had a leg up by being vegetarian. Over the past few years I've introduced raw foods to the family in manageable ways given their receptivity (the kids that is), the expense and the time.

I am moving into another level and the family will benefit, if nothing else from the exposure, the flexibility and the knowledge of choice.