Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Welcome to the last month of the year... no matter how many months you have been juicing with us, congratulate yourself for taking on your health! I am so proud of all of us.
I received some feedback today and was so happy to hear what difference the JUICE CLUB and consistency of JUICING is making. I certainly feel the difference but it is so wonderful to hear about others experiences. So I invite you to share your story with me, you make a difference in my life.
Remember to keep yourself hydrated, water, plenty of juice, warm beverages.... and lots of green!
I am taking Chlorella tablets for additional green power!
It is cold here on the farm so I am drinking heated lemon juice, with ginger, a bit of apple juice for sweetner and some fresh ginger to heat me up.
This morning Chandra made for me a green drink with grapefruit juice, coconut milk and a bit of chili for the heat!
So trust yourself, make up whatever pleases you and keeps you inspired to keep going and have fun.
I love you.


Amorita said...

Hi Terces! This is my first time joining the Juice Club and I'm very excited to join all of you. I appreciate your attitude that you are perfect no matter how well you do during this cleanse. I have felt really great today, although I have had a few bowls of homemade vegetable and turkey soup, the juices and green smoothies throughout the day have been uplifting. Thank you for all of the suggestions as well. I can't wait to try them through the week :) Much Love,

Anya said...

I'd like to juice. I'd like a recommendation about what kind of juicer to get at home.

I have an old Acme centrifugal juicer with no chute; the pulp collects inside. It keeps on getting off balance & I have to stop it, take it apart, clean it out, put it back together, and restart it - over and over and over, so a juicing with greens etc can take 40 minutes to get the juice. And the celery fibers wrap around the screw and have to be removed. I need something better. For raw health, I think I want a slow-RPM juicer.

Everyone seems to recommend the Green Star juicer for the maximum yield of juice & quality. But others say that it's so hard to clean that they don't use it or it's hard to push it through the chute or the plastic cracks. Others recommend the Omega VERT 350 as easy to use (big chute, just throw it in) and slow speed & quick cleaning. If I thought I could have all those things in the Green Star, I'd get it.

Can you recommend what to get? I want a home juicer that has maximum juice quality and high juice yield, low RPM, easy to get items into, easy to clean.

Claire said...

Working retail at Christmas is a trip! I took a seasonal job and have several work days during the cleanse. There is, to my knowledge almost no way to drink during a shift. I could have snuck a few sips of water but learning at the speed of light while the store is jamming all day is not conducive to self care.

That means roughly 5 hours of my day passed without liquids. I could launch into a diatribe about corporate retail culture but that would take my valuable energy and I'm grateful for the experience.

I ended up having a snack during my 15 min. break.

Of course, I was starving when I got off my shift and ate dinner regular style. Today, I can juice and hydrate but tomorrow I go back into the store. I'm gonna have to get creative about this. Wish me luck!