Sunday, November 7, 2010


WEll, not exactly the juice week I was planning.... after some bread crusts last night in an Italian restaurant with my family.... we are still in Long Beach, speaking this morning at Leaders Causing Leaders. While I don't believe the turn out was what they were hoping for, I am present to a couple of people saying, "this shall be" and here it is in the World.
What could you give your word to? What are you committed to causing in the World?
So far the leadership tips I have gleamed this weekend are....
The greatest quality of a real leader is the ability to LISTEN!
Don't get stopped
and today we are sharing, Acknowledge others into leadership!
Drink plenty of water, be gracious with yourself and others and know that where ever you are you are in the perfect place at the perfect time.... your time is NOW.
Thank you for sharing this experience with me.... I am going to extend my cleanse one day.... what I am being "guided" to take on this month.
Love you all.


Claire said...

Yesterday was a quiet day on the cleanse. Today, we have unexpected company for brunch. So I am going to juice tomorrow as well. Looking ahead at the calendar, I think the Dec cleanse will be doable. This was a really fun week.

Thomas said...

So I followed you on the journey. I ended up doing a three day cleanse. I didn't make it at home but purchased a three day juice cleanse from Ritual Cleanse. Absolutely love the feeling and I'm going to make this an ongoing tradition. (I'm a novice) Thanks for your posts.

Terces said...

Thank you. See you next month

Anya said...

I'd like to juice. I'd like a recommendation about what kind of juicer to get at home.

I have an old Acme centrifugal juicer with no chute; the pulp collects inside. It keeps on getting off balance & I have to stop it, take it apart, clean it out, put it back together, and restart it - over and over and over, so a juicing with greens etc can take 40 minutes to get the juice. And the celery fibers wrap around the screw and have to be removed. I need something better. For raw health, I think I want a slow-RPM juicer.

Everyone seems to recommend the Green Star juicer for the maximum yield of juice & quality. But others say that it's so hard to clean that they don't use it or it's hard to push it through the chute or the plastic cracks. Others recommend the Omega VERT 350 as easy to use (big chute, just throw it in) and slow speed & quick cleaning. If I thought I could have all those things in the Green Star, I'd get it.

Can you recommend what to get? I want a home juicer that has maximum juice quality and high juice yield, low RPM, easy to get items into, easy to clean.