Saturday, November 6, 2010


WOW what a powerful past 24 hours I have had! it started with an amazing celebration of love with some of our dearest friends, in which I had the insight that it is the things that we don't say that keep us stuck or trapped. So, today I am asking all of us to say what we don't want to say as a clearing out of anything that might keep us from expressing our love!
What I don't want to say is, my life is so full that sometimes I miss the opportunity to really feel my feelings, to open fully to my love for others and for life itself.
share what you don't want to say with me. There isn't anything to do with these thoughts, just let them be.
I had some fruit salad last night and some raw kale salad and it felt so nourishing.
Today I am back on juicing.
I am excited about our Los Angeles partnership and opening of Cafe Gratitude, I can see the community forming, by being here at Leaders Causing Leaders.
we are one of the keynote speakers tomorrow and I am looking forward to sharing more about acknowledgement with everyone here and to seeing one our mentors, Chip Conley too.
Have an amazing day and take good care of yourself.
Love, Terces

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