Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sweet Dreams,

How is your JUICING program and experience going? Can you see the lessons, the perfection, the opportunity? I am still adjusting to living with two of my grandchildren full time, and noticing that I have less time for myself, which isn't a good or bad thing, just what I am noticing.
Someone else shared that they noticed that there body was going on reserve.... she had no appetite, so she made sure she had more to drink! What are you noticing?
The noticing, is important, it is your presence, your attention to your experience, your connection to your body and it's messages....
We leave for Los Angeles tomorrow morning for a weekend at Leaders Causing Leaders, where we are participating on two panels and leading one session... on Acknowledgment.
What would you love to be acknowledged for?
Thank you for being here, make sure you aren't just "not eating" during this week, but are actually nourishing yourself with your liquids!
Loving you all,
Looking forward to your sharing more.
Love, Terces

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Claire said...

Boosted up the drinks and the hunger kicked back in again. Started out cleanse with nut milks because of exercise, which is rigorous right now. But my body stopped craving that and the green drinks came along. Really do like a light green drink with lemon. Don't know how much I can prepare ahead of time so I'm not living in the kitchen. Maybe enough for the day??

Oh, and I made GRAPE JUICE! I've never done that. It was so sweet I had to water it down. Grape juice, it seems so obvious and yet, never in my life have I had grape juice from anything other than a bottle.
Learn something new every day.