Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DAY THREE November

Good Morning.

Well I must be ahead of myself as I started to write for the 4th of November! I awoke from a restless night... a whole night of dreams of standing for transformation in the midst of resistance. Not that much fun, but then who ever said, standing for what is possible for people, would be!
So grateful you are here, and up for the challenge of your life, your health!
Started with hot water and some cacoa and almond milk... actually was really great and a nice warm drink. Put in a dash of salt for some more flavor...
Green juice is key for me and I am adding lots of CHLORELLA tablets this month too!
I notice that my body is cleansing in so many ways, and that is always encouraging.
I also notice that if I drink lots of water and keep my exercise (moving) up that it aids in that process and I feel cleaner, clearer and have more energy.
How are you doing? What are you noticing.
I am so convinced that this way of juicing on a regular basis is an excellent way to keep myself healthy and my body in balance!
I also have fresh apple juice today and am going to heat it up a bit and add some cinnamon and hot water (to dilute it a bit).
Be gentle, be kind and keep your heart open wide.
Rest, exercise and drink lots of fluids.
Thank you for taking on your life!
Love. Terces

P.S. Grapefruit juice with fresh mint is also great!


Claire said...

I noticed my body going on "reserve." By that I mean, I lost my appetite. When I noticed, I realized it was actually beginning to reserve itself for maintenance. I ran to the kitchen and whipped up a blender of green juice with avocado. Juiced some pineapple too. I upped the water the whole day and things smoothed out.

This morning before exercise class I had a combination of clementine and pineapple juice. It was just the light boost I needed before class. Weeeee!

Terces Engelhart said...

So great Claire, the "NOTICING" Thanks for sharing that. Love. T