Friday, November 5, 2010


good Morning,

I am at the Sacramento airport on my way to Los Angeles where we are presenting this weekend at Leaders Causing Leaders.
I started my day with a green juice, EARLY this morning and am traveling with lots of Chlorella ... And right now am sipping on an herbal tea..
how are you feeling, what are you present to?
can you see the perfection of your own process?
for me I am focusing on being flexible and going with the flow of my life, even when I don't want to.....
Thank you all for being there for me, I am honored to be sharing this experience with you.

love, Terces


Claire said...

Last week invited a friend to lunch for today forgetting I would be on the cleanse. Didn't reschedule as I already had twice before. Made a squash puree and a spinach salad with fruit. I chewed well!! LOL! Rolling with the flow, or flowing with the roll --

Allegra said...

I had the same kind of experience earlier this week. It just made me love juice club more instead of feeling like I was missing out. ALso I noticed how chewing my food well is something I am not used to. I am used to eating fast. So taking the time to chew well made me slow down and relax during a hectic day. I didn't realize how much I needed to do that!

Ilya said...


Next time you fly out from Sacramento, stop by my house...I will make you something nice for your trip...I am right off 80 and 5.