Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Days of May

Thanks to everyone for a great week.
I am in Rome, Italy and was not able to post the last couple of days. I am so grateful for juicing, I feel well set up to start eating and to appreciate my food AND take it easy.
I feel good and empowered. I so love the balance I feel in my life and diet in this time.
There is something magical in the consistency of juicing monthly for me, how about you?

Feed yourself well, like you are caring for someone you love and admire!

I love you, meet you here in June!

P.S. Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing mothers

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Good Morning,

Yesterday, Day Three, was a bit of a struggle for me. I felt tired and a bit irritable! Drank plenty of juice, my favorite is green juice (kale, celery, lemon and cucumber with avocado and jalapeno blended). It feels like a real "meal substitute" to me.
Was able to swim with my granddaughters and get a bit of sunshine which always feeds my soul.
I also mowed the area around the pool, earlier in the day and it felt so good. What are you doing for exercise? I also do a half hour of yoga each night before bed, even when my mind is telling me "it is okay not to do it tonight!' Just where does that little voice come from?
This morning, Day Four, I had a half packet of Gano Excel ( it is a Rishi mushroom and coffee beverage), followed by a green juice with some Power Up added. I suspect I simply wanted to have more energy and hopefully not feel the "sludge" of yesterday. So far, so good, although I would say that the tickle of allergies is present! It is that time of year.
I love mint water, especially when I have so much fresh mint and it is getting warmer.
Roses are in full bloom and gorgeous.
Are you preparing to celebrate your Mother or any other Mothers who are special to you?
Loving you all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Good Morning,

Awoke early and bright eyed! I love the experience of looking in the mirror throughout the day and being surprised by how great I look... an experience I often have during the week of JUICING!
Love adding Power Up to my blends this month! It is a mix of maca and green algae!
Again, noticing how easy and effortless it is to move through my list of projects, just not any resistance or mental interruptions when JUICING! Not sure why but I enjoy the ease.
Others on the farm are experiencing allergic symptoms and yet I don't yet, maybe the JUICING is helping there too.
We were in the city all day yesterday and dealing with opening of Harrison(our first location of Cafe Gratitude) that just went through some repairs and remodeling. It looks SO GOOD, so fresh, so cleaned out, a bit more "pubish" to my eyes, go by and eat and see the new look! They will also be offering our full new menu now! Yipee!
We are planting corn on the farm today and I am starting to prepare for being in Italy for a week starting this Saturday.
How are you taking care of yourself today, treating yourself, loving yourself?
Off to feed sprouts to my chickens!
Remember lots of fresh water and plenty of JUICE!
Love you all.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Welcome to May!
The sun is out and I am thrilled to be juicing with you.
We were in LA this weekend leading Abounding River workshop and looking at a second possible location for an LA Cafe Gratitude! Seems a bit wild and crazy and we are happy to be expanding the community down there already. Our partners are THE BEST and we had so much fun dreaming up our future together!
We had dinner with Michael Beckwith from Agape Church, Jyoti, from the Center for Sacred Studies and Grandmother Agnus from the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers Council! Cafe Gratitude is certainly the place to be if you are up to something these days. 'The workshop was fabulous and I love who is gathering around our work.
I have been looking forward to JUICING this month, SO MUCH. We leave for Rome to attend a wedding on the 7th, so looks like I will be breaking my fast in Italy!
I started with lots of GREEN JUICE (from Whole Foods in LA) and added some Kombucha as refreshment throughout the day of the workshop. Nicole, our hostess in LA treated me to a BIG GREEN juice in the afternoon and I never felt hungry.
What I have noticed is it is better to NOT EAT ANYTHING (no sneaking a bite here or there) especially on the first few days to really put my body on notice that I am JUICING ONLY. Then it gets easier as my energy levels rise and my commitment to feeling clear, empowered and good kick in.
I am so grateful for each one of you and thank you for taking on your health with me.
Have a fabulous Day Two and I will share with you later tonight once again.
Love you.