Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Good Morning,

Yesterday, Day Three, was a bit of a struggle for me. I felt tired and a bit irritable! Drank plenty of juice, my favorite is green juice (kale, celery, lemon and cucumber with avocado and jalapeno blended). It feels like a real "meal substitute" to me.
Was able to swim with my granddaughters and get a bit of sunshine which always feeds my soul.
I also mowed the area around the pool, earlier in the day and it felt so good. What are you doing for exercise? I also do a half hour of yoga each night before bed, even when my mind is telling me "it is okay not to do it tonight!' Just where does that little voice come from?
This morning, Day Four, I had a half packet of Gano Excel ( it is a Rishi mushroom and coffee beverage), followed by a green juice with some Power Up added. I suspect I simply wanted to have more energy and hopefully not feel the "sludge" of yesterday. So far, so good, although I would say that the tickle of allergies is present! It is that time of year.
I love mint water, especially when I have so much fresh mint and it is getting warmer.
Roses are in full bloom and gorgeous.
Are you preparing to celebrate your Mother or any other Mothers who are special to you?
Loving you all.


kris said...

Thank you for sharing about the green juice you drink. I would like to find one that I like, so I will try yours. Right now, one of my favorite juices is oranges, a lemon, strawberries, some kind of green juiced and then I blend it with a tablespoon of local bee pollen. Delicious!

I'm preparing to celebrate me on Mother's Day as my mother has passed and my husband is away on a trip. I'm thinking of taking all three kids (adult children really) to see the movie I Am or Forks Over Spoons, and then out to'd be great if Cafe Gratitude would expand down into San Diego! :)

kris said...

...oh and for exercise, I practice hula dancing, do calisthenics and, when the tendonitis in my heel isn't hurting, I'll walk and take step classes. :)

Harmony Cipollina-Dreven said...

Hi Terces, just wondering....I recently saw a video made by Dr Clement, in which he states that green smoothies lose as much as 75-85% of the nutrients of the greens because of the blending action causing oxidation??? Sooo, I was wondering how you felt about green smoothies as part of our juice fast?
thanks, your fan, Terra