Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Good Morning,

Awoke early and bright eyed! I love the experience of looking in the mirror throughout the day and being surprised by how great I look... an experience I often have during the week of JUICING!
Love adding Power Up to my blends this month! It is a mix of maca and green algae!
Again, noticing how easy and effortless it is to move through my list of projects, just not any resistance or mental interruptions when JUICING! Not sure why but I enjoy the ease.
Others on the farm are experiencing allergic symptoms and yet I don't yet, maybe the JUICING is helping there too.
We were in the city all day yesterday and dealing with opening of Harrison(our first location of Cafe Gratitude) that just went through some repairs and remodeling. It looks SO GOOD, so fresh, so cleaned out, a bit more "pubish" to my eyes, go by and eat and see the new look! They will also be offering our full new menu now! Yipee!
We are planting corn on the farm today and I am starting to prepare for being in Italy for a week starting this Saturday.
How are you taking care of yourself today, treating yourself, loving yourself?
Off to feed sprouts to my chickens!
Remember lots of fresh water and plenty of JUICE!
Love you all.


kris said...

HI Terces!

I feel honored and glad to be with this group again. I agree with you about how juicing makes me look and feel. It really is amazing how one can survive and thrive on only juices!

I had one big misstep in eating on day two. My daughter made pizza and my self-will decided it was going to get some, ugh! I really felt it afterwards...huge headache that lasted!!! And puffiness galore! Besides that, I've been faithful to juicing. I feel great today :) How wonderful for all the changes and growth your businesses are going through and your farm sounds wonderful and makes me yearn for simplicity!

scorpioyogagirl said...

Dearest Terces and Juice Family,

It feels really good to be juicing again and I LOVE reading your emails and blog posts. I do not often comment but I am present through it all and it means so much to feel connected. I miss you and Matthew and all the lovelies I have met through the Cafe Gratitude workshops I have attended. I experience HUGE JOY when I hear about Cafe Gratitude growing and expanding and sharing and reaching new communities.

Love to you and all the rest,

Terces Engelhart said...

Thank you Kris and Jency, believe it or not your posts matter to me, so THANK YOU.
It feels so good to not be alone and I draw inspiration from what you all share.
Have a sweet sunshine day.
Love. T