Monday, December 6, 2010


Believe it or not I had my first "chuckwagon" filled with goodies at age 3!

Yeah, I made it to the all employee meeting in Oakland at 6am, that is a 4:30 wake up! I feel better just feeling a bit better. I can't remember a day that I just rested, it felt so luxurious, I highly recommend it for everyone, without not feeling well!
I noticed that I had more dreams, or at least I could remember them. I also was present to some things that are incomplete in my life, that I am committed to completing. So grateful for insights.
Today I am still on hot water and lemon juice all day... I tried some other juices, but they just didn't sit well.
How are you? Thank you to all who shared. I love receiving stories from those of you in other countries. I notice that I feel the ONENESS of the world when we share with one another.
What are you still resisting? Take on breaking through in that area of your life.
I love you.

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pace veloce said...

I'm so interested in continuing! I'm never sure how to provide the requested feedback (is this the best way to do it?) Anyway really anything Terces says - any little bit of encouragement, just providing a sense of being in our corner is HUGELY APPRECIATED! It is an important service and I have recommended it to several friends who love it (and I'm thinking that they probably haven't provided feedback either!). All of this is by way of saying that I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR THE JUICE CLUB - PLEASE DON'T STOP! : )