Sunday, December 5, 2010


Good Morning,

I could feel myself fighting off some "bug" in the night and awoke with a desire to SLOW DOWN and rest. I'm off for a nap now. Today is Kate's birthday (she is 4) and is so happy to be having a birthday. She loves Jessie, from Toy Story and is so into being a cowgirl!
The enthusiasm of a 4 year old is contagious, even when feeling a bit under the weather.
I am happy for Sunday, it is always a bit quieter on the farm here.
Today lots of HOT water with lemon and ginger....
How are you taking care of yourself?
Happy Sunday,
Enjoy this drizzling day of slow rain, so good for this planet we all share.
Love. Terces

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valentinaquinte said...

Hi terces
here in germany we have 11pm now and i´ve just come back from the spa :)
it isn´t far away and after three hours you feel sooo good.

Now a good tea and then... BED!!!

have a nice day

Valentina (germany)