Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day ONE January


What a great way to start the NEW YEAR, caring for YOURSELF!
What is inspiring you to take JUICING on?
I would love to hear....
WE always play this game at the beginning of the year called....
If you were creating the front page of the newspaper, what would your headlines for this year be?
What would your headlines say?
Remember to be creative with juicing.. what are your combinations... today I was driving to Santa Cruz to visit my son and his family... and I stopped at Jamba Juice... where they have WHEATGRASS.. and fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice.. along with all the frozen fruit smoothies (which I don't necessarily recommend.. and they are better than nothing at all).
So find what works and if you are committing to juicing all year, I highly recommend getting yourself a juicer, or getting a group of people together who want to juice and purchasing one together and then juicing for all of you.... make it work, that is my coaching....create your life and juicing in any way that works for you!
Love you all.
Have a sweet day today and everyday.
Love. Terces


senecanj said...

Hi Terces!

Izzy, Megan, Bella and myself made a commitment to actively join the juice club! Today, as day one, was a little challenging, but I do believe we are on our way as a family to a fantastic 2011. Happy New Year!


Li said...

Yay! Happy New Year, Terces! I'm so happy to start the year this way!I'm going to experiment with some raw soups this week and found a curried cauliflower I am so excited to make:)Thank you for continuing the club-you're so inspiring ! My headline would read, "This Year, Everything is Possible!" heehee Have a great week!!

Ani said...

Happy New Year!
I started my first juice fast ever and, well, I don't know about this. First I'll have to figure out how to do everything. Then I'll have to survive caffeine withdrawal.
I feel that if I stay positive it will all go well. I'll be working with a group so that should be a lot of support.
Your blog is very encouraging.The cookbook Sweet Gratitude is how I've been enticed! My headline reads, "High Energy!"Thank you!

I am like Ruth and Rahab said...

My sister is inspiring me to get juicing seriously again. We are committed to doing this together with you for 2011. We are grateful and excited.

My headline would read "FAMILY UNITED AND HEALED"

Grateful for you!

Terces Engelhart said...

Bless you all, just drink lots of water and stay with it for the caffeine withdrawl headache. Love. T

Ryan said...

Hi Terces,

My girlfriend and I are looking to make a positive shift in our eating habits. We both are excited and willing to try juicing, but neither one of us know where to begin. What advice could you offer "newbies" about the world of juicing? How much should I be ready to spend on a juicer? Are there recipes for juicing?

Thank you in advance for your guidance! Have a great day!