Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY TWO January

Our Family at Christmas this year!

Hi Everyone,

Another day with a Jamba Juice stop for wheatgrass and juice. This time I had two of my grandchildren with me and they had juice too. WE were returning from Santa Cruz (where they live) to the farm in Vacaville for an overnight with Grandma and Grandpa. It however is as soggy as can be on the farm and cold too... so we stopped and went to the movies to see Tangled. WOW, what a beautiful transformational film for children and grandmothers (I guess). I loved it so much I didn't want to take them to the bathroom in the middle of it, so we all held it in, until the end.
They are now playing with their cousin upstairs of the barn while I finish my blog.
I am so grateful for all of you.
How are you feeling? Thanks for sharing what your headlines would be... keep sharing, I love hearing what we are all up to.
Get Loud, share about your health and healing, no matter where you are and as someone asked, drink plenty of water and keep on going to get rid of the caffeine (or lack of it) headache.
I love you.


kris said...

Now you've made me want to go see Tangled! :) I'm kris. I've had one heck of a time getting google to allow me access to my account here. I've typed numerous comments, only to lose them. Oh well! Let's see if this one takes! So far this juice fast has been difficult for me emotionally and a little bit physically. I'm definitely processing some icky stuff. It will be good to get it all moving and out, right? :) I loved some of the headlines and had thought one up, only to have it disappear when I couldn't log in. So today, my headline for 2011 would read: NEWS FLASH!!! Humanity discovers ways to create their own reality!!! World shifts in positive direction!!! :D

kris said...

Yey! It worked!!!!

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Kris,

Thank for not getting stopped! Yeah.
Yes, icky stuff will come up, just let it pass through and don't give it too much energy. In a bit longer there will be less to process and there will be clarity in its place. Love. T