Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day FIVE January

Me in my new coat from Mollie (my daughter) at Christmas. She owns Kind Kreme in Los Angeles... vegan ice cream shop... YUMMY!

Good Night,

The end of Day Five is here, and I notice that it seems like I could go on forever.... I remember this place from previous months. The routine of juicing has kicked in, food has lost it attraction, I am feeling clean, clear, energetic and happy.
My granddaughter and I had a great day, she was really up for doing the chores with me and I really didn't have to say "no" that often. Lucky me! She spent about an hour helping me pick up pecan nuts that had fallen to the ground and were buried by leaves, that we collect, plant and grow trees from.
I am again experiencing the expansion of time while juicing although not as much as I do in the longer days of summer. I notice I am getting things done, that I have thought about doing for awhile.
I so appreciated the "warmer" winter day today, with no rain.
What are you noticing? How is your juicing experience.
Again I had hot apple juice in the evening around the campfire and loved it!
I am grateful for you and for chlorella!
Until tomorrow... sweet dreams.

Love, T


kris said...

Your coat looks marvelous! I'm quite curious about your farm now, with the pecan trees, the workers and the campfire in January! It sounds like you've created something very special.

I definitely feel clearer, calmer and a general contentedness. I use food for comfort and, as such, am also noticing that I am quite hungry and am nervous when I feel that hunger. During the first 3 days, I was also aware that my "buffering" was missing...that thing that creates a buffer between me and my uncomfortable emotions. I allowed the noticing of this little dance within me and tried to accept it all.

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Kris,

So great to notice the connection to your emotions and food or eating. I would say, just let those emotions pass through you. They are like weather and if you don't do anything with them they will pass. You will probably, as you are clearer, get some insights that will be empowering of a healthier you. Love. Terces