Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day SIX January

If it is green it is the energy of the sun, and it is SO GOOD for you!

Hi Everyone,

I really don't know how many of us are still juicing together. There are about 1500 signed up but am not sure of where we all are. I'm thinking we will do another invite for next month on our newsletter. I do wish more of you would share your experiences, it makes a difference for me and will for you too.
Tonight was yoga, and it always feels so good. Especially all the heat after a really cold day. Awoken to frozen pipes in the kitchen (it is out of doors, so no real surprise on freezing nights). I encourage all of you to be exercising, it is so helpful in the detoxing phase of cleaning yourself out. Also drink plenty of water.
Kris shared that she is noticing her emotions and their connection to eating and food. Just let those emotions go on by, that is part of the cleansing process. Don't get attached to them, just watch them pass. Overtime you will gain new insights that will be supportive of your healthier lifestyle.
I noticed today that I am simply not that interested in unhealthy foods and drinks. I was sharing with my granddaughter that food that is green (naturally), as we were cutting collards for lunch, is like eating sunlight and our bodies LOVE sunlight and that energy is the best energy there is for us. So eat Green... let the sunshine in!
Love, Terces

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